Information about the Xyllomer - Club

Xyllomer - Verein zur Foerderung der Bildung und Internationaler Kontakte im Internet e.V. has been founded on 28.8.1995 to improve Education and International Contacts and Friendship within the Internet. You can have a look at the statute and the members and Administration.

Xyllomer tries to provide hard- and software in the internet for this purpose. Project Xyllomer is the first such system. It is an interactive computer-based communication system which is usable free of charge by everyone. We offer especially Courses about introduction into the usage of such systems and programming in teams were the participants improve the code used by Project Xyllomer itself.

The friendship and teamwork of all users of the system is the main goal.

We do not charge anything so we have to rely on donations and donating members ("foerdernde Mitglieder") to raise the funds to run Xyllomer. Our acception as "gemeinnuetzig und besonders Foerderungswuerdig" is currently in progress, which means that the government, especially the financial department accepts our aims as worthy of their support.

The Club has decided to not take any more members at the moment. This is necessary to keep flexible.

Here is the statute of the Club. This is the german version as the legally valid original. Sorry, no english translation available (yet).

If you are interested you could read about the members and Administration of the Club.

There are a few pictures of the new machine and of some people you might know having a party here.