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Theme: God of the Giants and the Ocean.

Symbol: trident spear, heavy battleaxe
Holy Plant: seaweed
Colours: gray and blue
Temples: Clouds and Moeth

In the world little is known of the Lord of the Ocean today. Active worship is no longer practiced, and many believe that the god has vanished for good, yet the giants still maintain a shrine for Cragtooth Mistbrow, and the tritons keep a holy temple of Triton open in his memory.


Created by AO at the beginning of time, Triton was given the task to fill the ocean with life. Then, inspired by his brothers he also wanted to create a race of his own. As with many things in the ocean, the race under the sea was taller and larger than the other races, since the water put little physical limits on their size.

Some of the giants choose to stay in the water, but some also strove to leave the ocean and explore the lands of the other gods, yet their prayers were always sent to him, even now, that he is known only under the name of Cragtooth Mistbrow to those who dwell on the land.

At the same time some humans came to visit the Oceans. It was then still possible to breathe under water, and it happened that those humans fell in love with the beauty of what Triton had created. They settled on the ground of the ocean, building a huge city in his honour, and they lived in peace with the sea giants.

The empire thrived, and Triton was glad, and the humans who had settled in the city of Moeth slowly started to change. Their hair became hued in the colours of the ocean, their skin paled to shades of blue and they grew flaps of skin between their toes and fingers. Furtheron they called themselves the children of Triton, the triton race.

The beauty and pearls of the Empire of Moeth soon became known throughout the world, and more and more visitors streamed into the city, seeking to fill their pockets with wealth. And so it happened that one day a visitor came to the Temple of Triton, and when he saw the box of donations his eyes bulged, for the tritons were generous in their offerings to their god, and the box was filled with jewels and pearls.
The man put his hands into the box, grabbing as much as he could, but the priestess put a warning hand on his shoulder. Greed had taken all sense from him, and the man whipped around, dropping the jewels, and drawing a sharp blade in the same instance.
The priestess eyes grew wide, but she did not step away, for fear was a new experience to her. And so she died a most violent death, right before the altar of her beloved god.

Triton, who had watched his faithful child die with his name on her lips, grew very sad and furious at the same time. He seized the thief with his trident in a swirl of water and increased the mass of the water in his fury. The landborn man could not bear the additional pressure to his lungs and he suffocated within minutes.

But Triton's anger and sadness were not lessened a bit, so he changed all the waters of the ocean to repell the land dwelling species. Only the sea giants, the tritons and the animals of the ocean were unharmed.
Then he left to be alone in his sorrow, and he has not answered any mortal prayer ever since.

While the tritons remained, and the sea giants guarded the city, outsiders were no longer welcome, and the empire soon crumbled, showing only glimpses of the wonders it had once encompassed.

Thus Triton is called the 'Lost God', and while there are still shrines in the world, it is no longer possible to worship him, since he will not toil again with the affairs of the world. Almost forgotten today Triton has slowly faded from the world, turning from a Major God into a Minor God. It is not certain if he will ever fade completely from the world however, as long as his children, the giants and tritons remain and keep up the memory of Triton or his other name, Cragtooth Mistbrow.

Among the Pantheon Triton is regarded as neutral.

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