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The Major Gods


The Major Gods were created by AO so that they would become creators on their own, and AO could watch over their work. And so AO created Bhaal, Huitzilopochtli, Saran, Rokoon and Xan. He told Bhaal, Huitzilopochtli and Rokoon to create a place, a world which the other gods could fill with their creations in turn. And he told Xan to watch over the order of the creations in time. Then AO created Calric, Dualdin, Orades, Swarnigul, Tharandil and Triton, and he told them to create sentient life on the world and he sent Saran out to watch over each soul which would come into being.

And Rokoon took the forms that AO had concieved and shaped them subtly, mixing substances and understanding their relations.
But Bhaal found himself unable to create a thing, and so he formed a ball of indistinguishable grey matter and hurled it at the world in envy, seeking to destroy the work of his brother. But he missed, and thus the moon circles the world today.

Angered by the attempted destruction by his brother Huitzilopochtli formed an even larger ball of matter and hurled it back at him. But Bhaal stopped it with a gesture, and the ball hung motionless in space.

Rokoon, who had been pondering his creation, found it hard to determine if he had missed something. Eager to give purpose to the creation of his brother and in need of a way to examine his own creation better he caused the ball from Huitzilopochtli to radiate light, then he gave the world a gentle twist and caused it to turn slowly, so that he would see it in the light from all sides and Xan used the rotation to put an exact measurement on the passage of time.

Intrigued by the play of light, Swarnigul worked with the form, bringing forth the mountains, but again Bhaal intervened. Stomping on some of her work, he left behind deep gourges which Triton quickly filled with water, so that Swarnigul would not see the full scope of the damage he had wrought.

Seeing that Bhaal was no help in the creation, Tharandil went to help the others, and she laid her fingers on the hard rocks and she brought forth soft earth and determined that the rocks should be the bones, and the earth should be the flesh of the world. And her concept was seed, and all that comes to life should come from the seed that is the gift of Tharandil and the growth is celebration of her work.

When he saw the beauty of her creation Dualdin went to aid in her work, and he added the larger plants, the forests to the world. And Since the oceans remained still empty, Triton plunged into the blue waters and he started to fill them with life to his content.
At the same time Huitzilopochtli started to fill another part of the world with life, bringing forth the jungle of Yucatan.

Now that the world was filled with life it was time for the gods to create sentient beings which would benefit from their creation, and so it was that Orades created the humans and Calric created the gnomes, Dualdin gave form to the elves and Swarnigul brought life to the rocks and thus called forth the dwarves. Tharandil gave birth to the centaurs and the fairies, and she told them to watch over her creation, while Triton formed the giants to populate the ocean.

And Bhaal looked upon the work of his brothers and his sisters and he said: " All that you my brothers and sisters have created shall be mine, and what cannot be mine I will destroy."

And thus it was that Bhaal strewed salt into the oceans and he twisted some of the races into his own, forming the trolls from the giants, the goblins from the gnomes, the orcs from the elves and then he twisted the heart of some of the dwarves, tainting their soul with darkness. And from Saran he snatched away the souls of the dead.

Seeing the pain of Triton upon the damage the salt had done to his creation AO added salt to all the creations, so that they would endure further onslaught, and he caused the evaporation of the oceans that they might fall as pure water upon the earth and start a circle of renewal, so that their creations would multiply on their own.

Shown through the maliciousness of Bhaal the Gods became aware of the fragility of their creations, and fear for what they had wrought coursed through them, and each strove to protect his own. So it was that the children of AO began to struggle for dominance on the world of Xyllomer and their creations were soon drawn into the struggle as well and AO had to interfere and he sent the Gods away from the world.

Thus it came to be that the races spread out across the globe and populated every part of the world within a few millenia of the creation. And they worshipped their creators and the gods worked furtheron through their followers alone.

Of the Major Gods only Xan, who was content with watching the passage of time, faded soon from the knowledge of the people, and thus from the circle of the active Pantheon. And while noone knew his true name, Saran was close to each mortal in his own way. They would all come to him in death, so he was content to remain in his twilight until the young Asgoth came to him with a plea.

However noone knows where Triton is hiding since he stopped answering any prayer sent to him. Yet his memory is kept alife by his children, and in the order of things he has so far descended to become a Minor God among the Pantheon.

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