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Theme: God of Gnomes, Crafting, Fortune, Trickery and Trade.

Symbol: filled purse
Holy Plant: rosemary, spice
Colours: blue-green
Temples: Ki-Eren Home

The History of Xyllomer as seen by a Priestess of Calric

And it was in the dawning of the world that AO the creator made Rokoon, and Rokoon created the Sky but the Sky was empty and boring, so AO created Tharandil, and Tharandil created the world and the plants and the animals and it was a little less boring.
Then AO created Bhaal, and Bhaal could not think of anything to build, so he tried to take the Sky from Rokoon and the World from Tharandil, and there was much fighting and shouting and general mayhem and the animals were very frightened.
And Tharandil created the Centaurs to be strong and fierce and protect the forests and the animals, and she created the Fairies to be swift and wise to care for them.

And in the battles the blood of the gods spilled on the ground and from the blood AO created Calric, Dualdin, Orades and Swarnigul, so that some good might come out of the violence.
Dualdin created the elves, Swarnigul made the dwarves, Calric gave life to the gnomes and the humans were created by Orades to help the World against Bhaal.
But Bhaal corrupted the other creations into orcs and goblins, trolls and giants, so the fighting continued for a long time.

And then Calric said: "Why should we all fight, would it not be much nicer if we stopped and built more things? It becomes boring to fight." And he went to Bhaal and asked him to please stop fighting. Bhaal was quite surprised, and as he had not talked to anyone but his own creations for a long time he was also lonesome. So he sat there and chatted with Calric and it was a time of peace.
But in the meantime the centaurs and humans and elves and dwarves killed almost all the giants and orcs and goblins and trolls. Only the gnomes did not kill much because they were too busy building things.

And when Bhaal saw what had happened while he had chatted he became very angry. And he helped his creatures with great powers and had them drive back humans, elves, dwarves and centaurs and kill many of them.
They did not harm the gnomes too much because the gnomes had not harmed them, but there was another great war and much pain and bloodshed.

And when Rokoon saw this he became very angry and cast Calric out and cursed him, as he thought Calric had been plotting with Bhaal. And Calric was very annoyed because he thought that it was partways the other god's fault, all that killing and rending and maiming and warlike stuff.
But in the long chat with Bhaal he had realized that Bhaal was not really nice at all and wanted to destroy the world if he could not rule it. Calric did not approve of that either.

So he built himself a nice huge cave and took a bouncy gnomish woman as his wife and decided to let the other gods do the bickering and fighting and he concentrated on building things instead.

The history of Calric, as told to me in visions by Calric, praised be his name. Amber, Priestress of Calric


Calric is one of the major gods. He was created by AO and he created the gnomes in turn. Much of his love for creation and inventions shows in the preferences of his race, and he turns a loving eye on those who are physically weaker by nature, yet possess the wit and courage to make up for it.

In former times Calric was known as the god of trickery and deceit, and thus, he was often called upon by merchants and thieves, some of which consider him their patron. However this also had him at odds with many of the other gods.
Yet nothing is further from him than a malign thought when he plays his tricks upon others. On the contrary, he wants to bring mirth to their lives, and spice up their boring days.

Although there were serious differences between Rokoon and Calric during the beginning of the time, neither really hates the other.

Followers of Calric often have a generous perception of ownership, for Calric likes to share, but he also likes to borrow without asking. At the same time the other aspects of craftmanship, fortune and trade should not be forgotten. Often a gnome was called a thief for his wealth was assumed to have been gained by theft and not through his good fortune at trades, and his handywork with witty items.

Within the world people often see Calric as a god with doubtful motives, as many of his followers used to be thieves.

Among the Pantheon Calric is regarded as neutral.

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