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The Alliance

The gods of the Warshrikes


The records kept in the halls of the warhsrike guild tell of an alliance of gods, formed to defend the world against powerful demons. This page is dedicated to the honor of those gods. There are those who do not see this alliance as a fact. Do not let their tale discourage you. The alliance is very real. The order of Warshrikes stands tall proving it.


Among the minor gods there are five who have formed an alliance in the battle against the Old Ones. Those are the gods of the Warshrikes: Akai-Kurushi, Asgoth, Koranishaxx, Oosama and Xogina.

There was a time when the gods already had withdrawn from Xyllomer, when a terrible danger came that threatened to end all life on Xyllomer. The so-called 'Old Ones', demon-like creatures appeared and lay waste to whole countries. It was Akai-Kurushi with his four companions under whose leadership this danger was ended and the Old Ones could be defeated.

As the gods saw that without those five faithful their creation would have been destroyed, Rokoon and the others accepted them into the circle of gods. Their followers are sworn to keep watch, so that in case of a return of the Old Ones they are ready to fight the danger just as their predecessors have done.

It is common belief that the Old Ones were somehow connected to Bhaal, which is why most of the Warshrikes extend their objective to actively fight against Bhaal and his creations where they find them.



Theme: Leader of the Alliance.

Symbol: four circles and one circle around them all, gryphon
Holy Plant: lucky clover leaf
Colours: gold
Temples: not publicly known

Akai-kurushi might be the most important of the warshrike gods, yet he is also the one least worshipped individually. It was he who formed the alliance, and thus brought the order into existence, and it was also he who led the alliance to their first battle.


Born as a mortal, Akai-kurushi was raised to godhood after the battle. He became the god of Alliances.
Akai-Kurushi has one priest, who is always called 'Rohan' after the head of the monastic order where Akai-Kurushi required help, and whose body Akai-kurushi 'borrowed'.

The only chapel of Akai-Kurushi is located inside the fortress of the Warshrikes in Silverlining. Permission by the order is required to visit it.

Within the world people usually see Akai-Kurushi as a god who fights for the well of the world, organizing the resistance against the return of the 'Old Ones'.

Among the Pantheon Akai-Kurushi is regarded as neutral.



Theme: Member of the Alliance, God of Death and Destruction on the Battlefield.

Symbol: obsidian gem
Holy Plant: thorny vine, black rose
Colours: black
Temples: Silverlining

Asgoth is the god of destruction on the battlefield. As such, he is often feared by the general populace for his destructive ways. Worship of Asgoth is rare for townfolks, since his name is often invoked in curses, or when faced with sensless destruction.

Soldier in an army in Tortoise, Asgoth soon rose to rank and name, praised by his superiors at every chance that opened up, always excelling in every task given to him.
He stormed the ranks like none before him, soon becoming leader of a small group of soldiers, then quickly one of the warleaders. Even his superiors feared him, though, for he was known to perform every task with precision and a calculatory coldness. Unless specifically ordered to bring some, never did he take prisoners. 'An enemy is an enemy until he is dead' is a saying that is accounted to him.

Some called him heartless, some called him cruel, and possibly he was both to some extent. It was one early morning, his troups ready for a battle to come, that Asgoth was drawn to a small lake near their camp. Normally he didn't go anywhere without at least two commanders at his side, but he waved them off that day, walking to the lake and staring at it, awed by the tranqility of the water.

He waded into the shallow waters and washed himself, an ever thoughtful expression on his face. He led his troups into battle, efficient as ever, not only winning the fight, but destroying the enemy. A report of an unknown soldier says he saw him take his opponents life with a swift stroke, then ripped open the dying man's chest to take his heart. No further record has ever been found about him. Asgoth just vanished from the middle of the battlefield.

For a long time there were two major groups of worshippers to Asgoth. There are those who follow the ideals of the Alliance, and there were those who worshipped him as the destroyer he seemed to be. But in the end he turned away from the second group, seeing that both factions of his followers were destroying each other in their quarrel of who had it right, instead of fighting the real enemy.

Those who today follow the teachings of the Alliance, see his power and destruction held in check by Koranishaxx' power of rebirth, and the neverending drive Oosama inspires in those who adhere to the Alliance's teaching. Though still destructive at heart, the limitations imposed have proven sufficient to make the populace of Silverlining loose their fear of extended worship of this dark deity in their city.

Aside from the Lochabar axes, which are often seen as His symbol, the obsidian gem is most often found in use by his followers.


Akai-Kurushi had watched Asgoth for a while, and found the efficiency and determination in the young man a quality which was sorely needed in the alliance he sought to form. So he went to meet Asgoth on the battlefield and offered him a place by his side, as one of the gods of the Alliance.

Those who used to follow Asgoth as Marcais Vorphalack honoured unlimited destruction, and they followed a path which was said to lead them to become rulers of the mortal world, and have Asgoth rule the skys. Very little detail about the cult is known outside of it, and they strive to keep it thus, yet their form of worship was feared by all but the most ruthless fighters.

However one day Asgoth could no longer bear the struggle which the split had caused between both groups of followers, since it distracted them from the purpose they were sworn to.
In his distress he went to seek counsel from Saran, who took it upon himself to care for the more fanatic faction of his followers, so that Asgoth was able to return into the midst of the Alliance with a somewhat less burdened conscience.

Within the world people usually see Asgoth as a god with tendencies to cruelty and coldness.

Among the Pantheon Asgoth is regarded as neutral.



Theme: Member of the Alliance, Goddess of Compassion, Fire and Rebirth.

Symbol: phoenix
Holy Plant: fireweed, starflower
Colours: red and yellow
Temples: Silverlining

A long time ago, there was a time of great need in the desert around Lonar.
A terrible drought struck the lands, and thirst parched the throats of the desert folks, heat made their lands dry up and be empty, and the mighty animals they originally hunted were decaying in the sun.

In that time of need, the desert folk decided to gather south of Lonar to pray to mighty Rokoon, for they had heard of his kindness. They sent a chant to him and asked for a soft rainfall and a cool breeze.
Rokoon, high in the skies, heard their prayers. He made clouds gather and shed rain. A wind arose to cool the sweat on their skins. And on that wind, a falcon rode in.
The desert folk knelt and watched in awe. And joy, for the rain had ended the drought finally.

But, not too far away, another man stood. He was a warrior of Huitzilopochtli. And he felt deep and utter envy, that the desert folk knelt to worship his enemy. So he sent an eagle to swoop onto the falcon. The two proud and beautiful birds fought hard, and after a time they became entangled with each other.
By that time, Rokoon's and the Huitzilopochtli's powers had merged into a mighty thunderstorm. The two birds fell to the ground and hit a bush, lightning following them, setting the bush on fire.

The desert folk still knelt and watched. Unable to take any action because they had too much fear and awe struck their hearts. They heard the cries of pain and agony from inside the bush, but could do nothing.
After some time, they slowly approached the bush, and so did the warrior of Huitzilopochtli. Suddenly a single bird arose from the fire, where for some time no signs of life have been seen. It was beautiful and wore wings of fire, shimmering in all the colours of the rainbow. As it lowered its wings, it turned for a moment into a beautiful lady. And what was most striking about her were the tears she shed.
As the Eaglesnake warrior approached her, she simply looked at him and he felt deep shame, that he has caused the death of the two birds. And that was the reason that Koranishaxx wept. And it was the reason that Rokoon cursed his selfishness of sending the falcon. for Rokoon knew that he would rather have done good without showing himself.

And so the existance of the Fiery Lady was born of the death of two proud birds, and her tears and compassion brought a moment of peace and serenity upon the sworn enemies.


Born as the daughter of Dualdin and a mortal woman, Koranishaxx is the twin sister of Xogina. Her main aspect is fire, the fire which destroys one order of things, to give birth to another order. As Asgoths destruction, Koranishaxx' fire needs moderation lest the constant circle of rebirth prevent forming of static structures. Forced to control the raw destruction, yet imbued with the life and order bound into blood, Koranishaxx has become a strong part of the Warshrike alliance.

Koranishaxx might well be the most widely worshipped goddes of the alliance, since there is quite a number of people who almost solely pray to her but have no other connection to the alliance.

Within the world people usually see Koranishaxx as a goddess with care in her heart, and many count her among the "good" gods.

Among the Pantheon Koranishaxx is regarded as neutral.



Theme: Member of the Alliance, God of Alliance, Balance and Honour.

Symbol: dragonspear
Holy Plant: lily
Colours: silver
Temples: Silverlining

The human raised his sword before his face in salute, his eyes never quite leaving his opponent. They were of equal size, and their dispute had soon led to the challenge.

The clamour of swords clashing sounded across the place, never ceasing in it's almost-staccato rythm. Sweat gleamed on the brow of both combatants, when suddenly the elf lost his grip on the sword, and the weapon sailed to the ground.

Stepping back a pace the human slid his own blade to the ground before he rejoined the battle barehanded, offering only: "Our weapons shall be fair to do honour justice."


Oosama was raised to godhood from a mortal life by Akai-Kurushi. He was the first of the four which were chosen to form the Alliance Gods.

Oosama is honour. Honour without moderation or limits. There is no excuse for dishonour, and no reassoning may be applied to question the Honour.
He accepts only males as truly honourable.

Oosama attracts few followers by himself. The tenents of honor are too strong. Whatever action is taken, it will always incur the risk of dishonour, and yet even inaction bears that stamp.

Within the Alliance, Oosama's honour binds the members to their words, and to adhere to laws set down by the rulers, as well as to a code of conduct, while the descructive influence of Koranishaxx and Asgoth forces action.
Inaction no longer bears the same level as action. Through the Alliance, it gains the taint of ultimate dishonour - to watch while around you the walls crumble.

Within the world people usually see Oosama as a neutral god with tendencies to the good side, due to his strong sense of honour.

Among the Pantheon Oosama is regarded as neutral.



Theme: Member of the Alliance, Goddess of Bloodshed, Revenge and Pain.

Symbol: barbed whip
Holy Plant: red rose
Colours: red and black
Temples: Silverlining

The maiden named Xogina had been living in the forests of Elohim. Many a year of study passed as she learned all that she could about the healing abilities of herbs and as a herbalist she worked in Elohim throughout her youth.

One day some men came into her cavern, but their intent was not to purchase her help or herbs. They had set their eyes on her and it was there and then that they ravaged the youth, destroying her innocence along with her shop.

Through her tears of blood she managed to memorize their faces though, and her heart had turned cold as stone as she set out to train her strength and skill with weaponry, making her a skilled fighter. She had sworn revenge, silently, every night that she had spent weeping tears in her solitary room. Until that day had come and she found the men again.
Her strengthened body and the armours she wore concealed her identity from them, but they were approaching another youth in a manner that suggested it would be her who would be next.

In the following night, Xogina found the quarter where the men were resting and she destroyed them mercilessly as they had destroyed her, weeping tears of blood again.
Their throats were cut open, their hearts stabbed, their hands and legs severed with her axe, and she stood laughing over their corpses, holding four hearts in her hands, allowing the blood to run down her arms.

To avoid prosecution by the local authorities, she then left and returned into solitude, preaching to those who would hear it the necessity of allowing one's emotions to run free.


And so Akai-Kurushi found Xogina in her sobered state, and he invited her to join him in the Alliance, to lead the battle against those who would come to ravage mankind.

Xogina, the twin sister of Koranishaxx, and daughter of Dualdin and a mortal woman, is the lady of the blood, and of all that resides within. Beauty can be found in the blood, as can energy.

Her worshippers are usually on the blood-tinged side of the Order, and there are only a select few who worship her outside the Alliance. Another peculiarity is that most of her worshippers are female. The priests tell that a woman's link to the blood is needed to understand the power and beauty present within.
While shedding blood in worship of Xogina is quite commonplace, human or animal sacrifice are forbidden.

Within the world people often fear Xogina as a cold blooded goddess with a temper.

Among the Pantheon Xogina is regarded as neutral.

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