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Humans in Xyllomer

Rannwir by Nicole Morin

"Hmmm.. well, I'd say we are a quite interesting race of people. We are the most diverse as far as professions go. We are excellent fighters, mages, bards, robbers, artisans, sailors, and whatever else the world has to offer. There is nothing that we humans cannot handle. We are also excellent at adapting to our environment. We can be found in almost any climate.

Sure, some of the other races in the world can do some fancy stuff, but none of them are as versatile as us humans. We are the best at everything. There is nothing that we cannot do, nothing we cannot conquer."

Physical description:

You can find humans in many different outer appearances. Since they don't own any pregiven physical talents like dexterity or strength, they're mostly free to choose on what physical attributes they specialize. You can find incredibly quick humans as well as some who might almost reach the strength of a strong dwarf! They grow an average height of 1.70 metres, which makes them taller than most other races.
They sometimes tend to be a little rough, especially when speaking, which might sound like yelling to other races. Their main city is Padorn, a capital city in Primordia.
Since their only natural disadvantage is that they have trouble to see in the dark without aid, humans take on all professions. There are priests, many different types of fighters but also magicians.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Most humans have already learned some basics about how to fight with a sword or a knife and how to defend themselves. Every human also has some basic understanding of trading, which might be one reason why Padorn's harbour is one of the most frequented. Being the typical middle-of-the-road race, the human's only weakness is the lack of any speciality: while there is basically nothing they can't do, they also don't excel in anything.

Other things to note:

Humans are together with elves the most common race in Xyllomer and that's surely one reason for their influence in the world. Since they can take on almost any profession and have the possibility to efficiently train different physical attributes they're the race where you might meet the most variety of characters.


Orades is known as the creator of the humans. And while there are as many varying appearances as there are humans, there are also subraces which come from certain areas, and have adapted the features and traits of their homes strongly enough to look different from the average human. Those are the northmen and the areedes.


Northmen are known as a subrace of the humans. They come originally from the northern regions with the colder climates. The most prominent city of theirs is Noradim, at the northwest coast of Morisot. They tend to be a bit taller and heavier than the average human, with rougher features.

Northmen have a strong dislike for magic, for their past has brought many painful scars to their race.


Areedes are known as a subrace of the humans. They come originally from the desert regions. The most prominent city of theirs is Lonar. They tend to have a tanned skin, from light to almost black, as well as a curious tendency to grey or bright blue eyes. A little smaller than the average human, they are not less fast however.

Areedes can live with little water, and they scoff at the other races who spend it thoughtlessly. They have grown far apart from the other humans, so that most do no longer speak ghant as their native language, but the desert language.

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