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Gnomes in Xyllomer

Nimbul by Nicole Morin

"Hitherehowareyoudoingtoday ... oops.. Sorry I guess I need to slow down a bit to speak with you. We gnomes are fast folk.. fast talking, fast moving, and fast thinking. I guess you could say we are too busy collecting new things to stop and slow down for just anyone. Now if you got some kinda deal for me... I'll make you a better one. You got the coins... I got the time to talk with you... nothing like the sound of clinking coins. Calric, our god would be proud, I took a man... I mean uhm... I made a deal with a man, made 125 percent profit. But then... we did establish the money system of Xyllomer... so you can't expect a common folk to be able to out-wit me at my own system.

You know... there are a lot more gnomes in the world than you would think. We are great at getting places that you really don't want us, and even better at getting there without you seeing us get there, and even better at getting what we want. *wink* We may be one of the shortest of the civil folk, but that doesn't mean we can't have the largest pockets."

Physical description:

The smallest race in Xyllomer are the gnomes. Their normal height is about 100 cm and they usually weigh around 45 kg. They are naturally born with six fingers on each hand, which might be a reason why you find many of them in the mages or pickpockets guilds. Their hometown is Ki-Eren-Home, south of Ganhwyll, though there also is also small settlement of gnomes near Razza, called Asyra.

Strengths and weaknesses:

As they are small, they never develop a decent strength, so you won't find many of them in warrior guilds. Also their bodies are physically rather weak. They make it up with their superior brains which not only work quicker than the average human or elvish brain, but also gave them a certain resistance to magic.


Gnomes are considered cunning inventors. Once a clever gnome invented the famous gnomenboots. A gnome wearing them can reach hyperspeed and simply rush past you. Sometimes, though, you'll see an unlucky gnome end up at a closed citygate as some of the taller races find it particularly funny to stop a hyperspeed gnome that way. Also there exists a gnomenhat. Gnomes wear them fixed closely to their head. It looks funny, but is difficult to get off and distorts speech.


Among the gnomes there are also subraces known, gnomes which come from certain areas, and have adapted the features and traits of their homes strongly enough to look different from the average gnome. Those are the hillgnomes and the brooklings.


Hillgnomes are known as a subrace of the gnomish race. They tend to live in stone houses or caves in the foothills, but also in the mountains.

The most renowned dwelling of hillgnomes is the valley of Treshnish in the mountains of Morisot. They tend to have sun-tanned skin and they tend to be smaller than the average gnome, but not less inventive at all!

Hillgnomes enjoy the closeness to nature, a good, stout meal and an evening spent in happy company.


Brooklings are known as a subrace of the gnomish race. They tend to live near the river, living from the rich catch of fish.

The most reknowned dwelling of the brooklings is the shores of the river Lime which flows through Tangradim into the ocean.
They tend have sun-tanned skin and they are taller than the average gnome. Probably due to their healthy diet of fish.

Brooklings are a seclusive race who prefer the company of their own folk to others, yet they will often come to Tangradim on market day.

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