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Fairies in Xyllomer

Physical description:

Fairy by Lilah

"Many years ago, our parents' parents came from a land far away from here. It is a land of mystical creatures, a land of magic, the land of fairies. There we flew on our dragonfly-like wings! See! Aren't they nice? But now, there is not nearly as much magic as back home and, well, our wings have been left almost useless. Sure we can still flutter about, even rise off of the floor a little bit and that's fun too.

Being one of the smaller of the civilized races here doesn't mean we are not without our surprises. Sure we may get picked on but our wings do give us a little more agility, making us quite fast. And have you ever tried to swat a fly? Geee those things are fast. I had a fly once... oh sorry...

What was I saying? Well, anyway, because of our heritage, we are naturally good in the arcane arts of magic. We can do a lot of mystical and magical things... like scare dwarves... *giggle*.

All of that aside, life is nice. There are so many funny creatures here! Just because we cannot fly, does not mean we can't have fun!"

Physical description:

Among the smaller races of Xyllomer, the average fairy is around 130 cm tall, with slender build. On their back is a pair of beautiful dragonfly wings, which, when fully extended, span a length similar to their height.

On flight:

The fairies were created by Tharandil, during a time when the world was saturated with magical energy. Long ago fairies could fly, but now this energy has faded, and it does not work any longer, which must have to do with the magic - fairy flight strongly depends on magic.
There are a few hidden spots on Xyllomer where the magic is more benign and allows fairies to actually fly, but in most cases they will have to rely on their wings alone, thus anything beyond fluttering a few meters is impossible.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Their body is lightly built for flight, too frail to be effective in combat. While some fairies have been known to overcome this weakness and indeed become great warriors, other professions are far easier. It should be noted, however, that members of other races often consider a fairy's recovery rate amazing. Even if this land's magic may be alien to them, fairies are still magical beings, more proficient in its use than most other races, and faster to gather it.
Finally, all fairies have a special affinity with the air. This allows them to pick up even the softest word whispered by others.

Special commands:

- flaugh, fgiggle: A fairies laughter has this special unique quality.

- fclean: To keep their wings tidy. Yes, they will still work if they are filthy. But still ...

- finnocent: If fairies are truly convinced of their innocence, they show it.


No subraces of the fairy race are currently documented.

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