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Dwarves in Xyllomer

Yod by Nicole Morin

"No other race in Xyllomer like us. The strength, the stamina... hell, I ain't never been sick a day of my life. I'd like to see one of them tall humans try to come down here and mine like me, not that he could see where he is going with them sun-light eyes of theirs. And I'd really like to see one of them skinny, leaf wearing, sissy elves try to lift one of my stones that I mine, he'd break in half! Darn treehuggers! What good is a tree if it ain't made into an axe handle or stokin' my forge fire? Blasted elves, ain't good for nothin' except the ears...now there's good eatin' ... a big gem covered stein full of dark dwarven ale, a bag of elf ears, a good song, maybe a good fight or two.. now THAT'S a good evening!

But I don't never wanna see any of them sissy, robe-wearin' witches down in my mine either. They ain't good for nothing unless they are on the end of my spear or layin' in two pieces with my axe in the middle. Callin' all kinda weird creatures, making lights without fire... It ain't right and don't make no sense... no livin' thing should mess with that kinda stuff!"

Physical description:

Dwarves are rather short when compared to elves and humans. Their average height is around 120 cm. Most of them, if not all, have at least a small beard which they are particularly proud of. They are mostly stout and sometimes a little grumpy towards others, especially towards elves. Often you will see an axe in their hands when they fight. Most dwarves were born in the Stone Mountains, also called Dalzungund, which is north of the main city of Primordia, Padorn, but there are other regions known to be inhabited by dwarves.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Their physical strength is impressive, although their quickness suffers a bit. Of course, dwarves have no weaknesses, but they seem to find water most unbearable. Dwarves can see in the night nearly as well as the elves and are very resistant against poisons and illnesses. No dwarf has ever mastered the art of magic. The other races, especially elves, say that this is because dwarves are unable to wield magic. However, most dwarves will tell you that it's because they despise magic and are simply not interested in it.

The dwarves were created by Swarnigul and almost all dwarves see her as their creator and mother goddess.

Mining and forging:

Dwarves have their own racial guild, the smiths guild. You can find their guildrooms in Dalzungund. However, they never accept members of other races and teach them, they usually trade their gems if you ask for it. They are also said to have discovered the ancient arts of forging great weapons and armours again.

Special commands:

Special commands:

- sing diggin: There is a song about mining. Each dwarf learns from early childhood.

- goldlust: Sometimes, when dwarves feel they smell gold, they can get absolutely ecstatic about it.


No known subraces of the dwarves are documented.

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