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Centaurs in Xyllomer

A centaur by Nicole Morin

"Greetings fellow citizens of Xyllomer. It was Tharandil in all of her wisdom that created us centaurs. She took the natural ability of a human and combined it with the power of an equine. We are the strongest of all of the races in Xyllomer. Our size may sometimes not permit us to travel to certain places, like holes or up trees, but then who needs to go into a hole but a gopher and who needs to go into a tree but a squirrel? And besides, with power and stamina that are unmatched by any other, we are by far the largest and most powerful fighters around.

Within the last few years, Tharandil has been displeased with us. She has given us a curse so that no more shall be born, and thus we have been doomed to live out our lives without the possibility of a new generation of centaurs."

Physical description:

Centaurs are the largest and most powerful race. Combining the upper torso of a human with the body of a horse, they are usually more than two meters in size and weigh more than 150 kg. Centaurs are a rare view in Xyllomer nowadays. Thus, they are always special, but also always lonely. As result of their curse, all centaurs still alive today are very old.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Centaurs are awesome in combat because their front hooves grant them additional attacks. Just like all other races, they can charge with lances, but unlike them they need no horse to do it. They have great stamina and overall more suited to physical than to mental tasks. The downsize of their impressive appearance is that their body and size don't always allow them to move the way other races can: they can't squeeze through very small holes and need help for climbing trees. Also, because of their physique, only a limited choice of armours is available to centaurs, and they can't always protect all parts of their bodies.

The fate of the centaurs:

For an unknown reason they have become infertile, much to Tharandil's sorrow. They are doomed to remain without progeny. Hence, the centaurs are fated to roam the world of Xyllomer in ever lesser numbers.


No known subraces of the centaurs are documented.

[NOTE: This race is currently not available for new players]

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