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Races in Xyllomer

  • elf
    Of all the races, elves seem to be the closest to humans in size and physical appearance. But for the pointy ears, their inborn grace and their legendary beauty one could almost mistake them for humans. Less obvious is their inborn ability to see in darkness.

    Most elves are forest dwellers. They are not necessarily a good or an evil people, they often may seem distanced and serene, while respecting all that the world has to offer them. Dearly beloved to them are forests and greatly despised are the dwarves, unless they can prove themselves worthy of elven attention.

    Most elves can not be counted to a certain group, while some distinguish themselves by a typical appearance which is prominent in certain areas. Such known subraces are higheleves and woodelves. In the same way halfelves can often be identified by the traits they retain from both the human and the elven race.

  • human
    While the human lifespan is among the shortest of the intelligent races in the world, they do embrace life with an intensity that is almost unmatched. Ever do they strive to seek the unexplored and new. In their abilities they are an average, yet very versatile people. They can learn almost everything, but they do not excel at anything just by their nature.

    Humans have no special alignment as a group and no special abilities. They generally seem to congregate in cities, especially Padorn, the largest city in the world.

    Easily distinguishable from the average human are the tall northmen and the tanned areedes with their bright blue eyes.

  • gnome
    Often mistaken for human children from afar, gnomes are one of the smaller races on Xyllomer. They tend to have a very curious and bright nature. With their large eyes, their bright smiles and their mischievous nature they do indeed often remind you of playful children. But that does not make them less concerned about the deeper questions in life.

    The gnomes often specialize in creating gadgets that make up for their small size. They are a very clever people and while they have no particular alignment as a group, they sometimes tend to see little difference between mine and yours. Yet, they can be just as generous.

    Gnomes are somewhat more resistant to magic than most other races.

    Distinguishable by the slightly differing appearance are the subraces known as hillgnomes and brooklings.

  • fairy
    The second smaller race on Xyllomer are the fairies. Their legends speak of a better, magically saturated land where their forefathers lived. It is disputable if this "other" realm exists, or if the magic of the world has simply faded too much for them to be able to use it for their flight any longer. Yet their dragonfly wings are very beautiful to look upon, and often proudly displayed.

    As a result of their magical inheritance they do have the ability to regenerate their magical and mental energies faster than most others. Additionally they have very keen ears, which allows them to hear the slightest whisper.

    Since almost all known fairies come from Atlantis there is currently no geographically dependant subrace known.

  • centaur
    Centaurs feel in the Grasslands of Primordia at home. Yet they have grown few in the last decades.

    The body of a horse leads into the torse of a human, yet they are a completely separate race of their own, contrary to different speculations.

    Many people see centaurs as being clumsy and stupid, yet they could not be further from the truth. Of course it is not easy for a centaur to attempt to climb a tree, and their concerns are more for their dying race than for high strung philosophies. But once a centaur has become your friend, you will hardly find a better companion.

    Compared to other races they do have a very healthy constitution and enormous strength. They also have the ability to recover from wounds at a faster rate but regenerate mental energies more slowly.

    No geographical subraces are known of the centaurs.

  • dwarf
    Dwarves are a short and stout folk. They possess great strength, while they are less graceful in their movement, yet not less efficient. Their physical health is well known, as is their dislike for water.

    Usually they may appear somewhat grumpy towards others, especially if the other one is an elf, but once you happen to know one, you will find that they are very reliable. Most dwarves despise magic, more hate elves, perhaps the reason for that can be found in history, others say, they are just envious of the elven gracefulness.

    Dwarves are well known as creators of great weapons and armours.

    For non-dwarves it is close to impossible to pick up the differences between one dwarf and another, while dwarves among themselves see each other as brothers and sisters who belong to the same big family, thus there are no subraces documented.

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