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Book of Stonemount Area Law

Table of Contents:

  • Aspects of the Court
  • Dark Magic
  • Guilds and guild property
  • Theft
  • last page

  • Book of Stonemount Area Law -----| 1 |----    ::top

    The Stone Mountain legal system: an addendum to Xyllomers basic legal charter.

    Aspects of the Court:

    The court deems no particular guilds as particularly trustworthy or as above the law. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Persons with a record of poor behaviour (or elves - cronically frivolous) will however find the court less than willing to believe their claims. Dwarves found guilty of crimes will be particularly harshly dealt with since they are bringing Dalzugund and the good name of dwaves everywhere in disrepute.

    Book of Stonemount Area Law -----| 2 |----    ::top

    Dark Magic:

    It shall be an offence to use necromantic powers or to call upon evil gods inside city limits [1]. To specify: Possession, binding, demons, imps, snake headed eagles, creation of zombies or ghouls, sacrifical ceremonies and any form of mental torture or pressure are all strictly forbidden inside city limits [1]. If anyone is affected by a new piece of dark magic not listed above, (s)he may accuse the person responsible. The judge may then add the new effect to the list at his/her discretion.

      [1 (city limits)] Dalzugund, Harts village, Tilverton, Grasslands village and Razza are considered to be covered by this prohibition. Note that Old Tilverton ruins and graveyard are not covered by this law.

    Book of Stonemount Area Law -----| 3 |----    ::top

    Guilds and guild property:

    The following are known guilds and guild buildings at the time of writing: the Alchemists in Razza, thieves branch in Razza, the Psionics near Harts village and the Monastry of Rokoon. It is the opinion of the court that these guilds will be protected by there own members and any others who may be called to assist. Guilds and guild attacks are always very difficult areas. Murder by a defender is still considered murder but will be seen more leniently by the court than murder by an attacker.


    A thief will return any objects stolen where possible. There is no set charge as the judge will decide on an appropriate fine on a case by case basis. There is no maximum fine and the multiplication factor spoken of in basic law will be set as the judge sees fit (based on rarity of items etc).

    Book of Stonemount Area Law -----| 4 |----    ::top

    Ozzy the ancient, Judge of Stone Mountains.

    Approved: 10.6. 244 AF by Pierrot le fou, Master of the Rolls

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