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Law Update III

All faiths have the same legal rights and religious freedom and must generally be respected. It is forbidden to violate the holy places of a faith or attack the high priest who attends such a place whether it be a temple, shrine, church, dome, chapel, or any comparable place. Persons who are caught violating a holy place or attacking a high priest may be KILLED by believers of that respected faith and their possessions taken. Pursuit of the attacker outside the holy place is not permitted and the exit out of a holy place may NOT be blocked.

If someone is killed while defending the holy place or high priest then that person can accuse the killer of PK. Believers may NOT order non believers from their holy place unless an attack occurs or that holy place is a guild area.

Included in this law will be Eladan, high priest of Xan who frequents the streets of Padorn.

NOT included are demigods because they are not considered high priests and have a free will to do as they please.

Protection of the Padorn Guards    ::top

The Padorn Guards are under the protection of the Judge of Padorn and the Satai guild. They CANNOT pursue a guard attacker unless that person is in the presence of the guards. The attacker will not be chased all over the land but will only be attacked if caught fighting the guards. The attacker must be given a chance for escape therefore the exits must NOT be blocked. If the attacker dies at the scene or runs away and dies he has no recourse with the law. If the protectors are killed while protec- ting the guards then they can file a PK accusation with the court. If an attacker of the guards runs away and the guard protectors chase him and kill him then the attacker can file a PK accusation with the court.

Creatures which belong to citizens of Xyllomer    ::top

All creatures/imps/demons/zombies etc. are now protected under the law but ONLY when in the company of their master. If a creature etc. is found alone, it is fair game for anyone wanting to kill it. If the master of the creature is invisible and doesn't let an attacker or potential attacker of his creature know that he is there, then the attacker will not be found at fault for killing the creature. One other thing about this matter, if you choose to attack a creature and are killed, then you are NOT allowed to file an accusation with the court. If an invisible master of a creature doesn't choose to tell the attacker he is there then he also CANNOT assist his creature. court. You were taking your chances.

Bonnie - Judge of Padorn

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