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Book of Fines

To avoid further confusion as well as to give a general guideline on what fines to expect for what crime, this book was written. Please mail any corrections, ideas or comments to the judge.

Theft    ::top

A general fine of 5pc to Padorn regardless of what was stolen, as well as an reimbursement to the victim ammounting to 150-250% of the value of the stolen items, depending on their rarity and difficulty to get back.

Other options are: Sentencing a guilty thief to get the items back to the victim, ie a firedagger to a newbie, or all components for the sceptre quest.

Repeated aggravated larceny might force the Court to declare the guilty person to be an outlaw.

Playerattacks    ::top

No coins have to be paid to the victim of the attack, but a fine of 5 to 15 pc, payable to the City of Padorn, will be raised. As a general guideline this overview should be used:

  • 5 pc - Accidential attack or attack after being insulted, not with the intention of killing the player
  • 10 pc - Planned attack, trying to actually harm the victim, without any particular reason.
  • 15 pc - Attack with intention to killl the victim. Repeated attack of this kind may ask for the Outlaw Status.

Particular unfair attacks or attempted murder may be sentenced with a fine up to 25 pc - poisoning a victim in a remote place of the world would be an example for this.

Playerkilling    ::top

A general fine of 40 pc payable to the City of Padorn will be raised for any kind of playerkill. This may be decreased for various reasons:

  • -5 pc - The attacker admitted the deed and obviously feels sorry about it
  • -5 pc - The playerkill was an accidential one and was only thought to be a playerattack
  • -5 pc - Various reasons, like killing someone outside of the guild after a guildattack, after an attack of the victim on another person or due to other extenuating circumstances

In addition to this a further fine of 10 pc has to be paid to the victim to cover his expenses for rescurrection, this fine may be raised if additional recovery was neccessary (limb surgery, for example).

Repeated playerkills or a single extremce case of playerkill might make the murder outlaw immediatly.

Demi-gods have a special treat, they have higher fines, then each time a demi-god commit a PK of a simple mortal his/her fine will be of 100 pc to the City of Padorn and 30 pc to the victim.

Guilditems    ::top

After a guilditem not belonging to the accused person was found to be owned by the accused person, a fine of 2 pc per day and guilditem will be charged, until the accused either passes the items in question back to the judge or his assistants or is pardoned by the accusing guild, thus allowing him the ownership of the items. (Please read Law Update for details)

Judge Yorl.

Updated by Judge Addf.

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