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About (Guild)Protected Items and Persons

1 About Guildprotected Items

All the guilds have special guilditems which are to be used by the members of the guild only. These items are listed in section 3.

It might happen that a person will be found owning a guilditem of a guild to which that person does not belong to. First of all this is a matter of the involved guild and no matter of the court usually. The members of the guild in question have got the right to demand the guilditem back. If the person, who does not belong to the guild, refuses to return the item in question, the guildmembers, as well as friends asked to assist in this matter, have got the following opportunities to regain it:

  • Steal the item either with magical or mundane powers.
  • Fight the person in stunmode and get only the guilditem from him/her.
  • Fight the person in killmode and get only the guilditem from the corpse.

If none of these options is available, any leaderranked guildmember is allowed to inform the court about this crime.

  • Write a mail to the judge who will order his/her assistants to make an examination on the person in question. An examination includes the bags, backpacks, discs, etc. of this person.

If the item in question is not found, the court will not take any further steps in this affair.

If the guilditem is found at the person, he/she will be ordered to give it to the assistant who has done the examination. If he/she obeys, a fine of 2 platinum coins for each regained guilditem will be charged. If he/she does not obey, a fine of 2 platinum coins per day and guilditem will be charged, starting with the day of the inspection and continuing until either the items are handed to the judge or his/her assistants or the court receives a message from the original accuser asking to stop further fines.

If a person in question does not allow the examination of his/her stuff, he/she will be treated as if the guilditem has been found.

If the accused happens to own named items legally (i.e. bought from the guild or acquired by friendship to a member of this guild) and he/she will be able to prove that (preferably by a written document), no fines will be raised and further requests regarding this matter will be ignored.

2 About Guildprotected Persons    ::top

If any guildprotected person is under attack, any member of the protecting guild, as well as friends asked to assist in this matter, may support the attacked person without giving any warning.

If the attacker dies during the fight, his/her whole inventory may be taken as a reward. If any one of the defenders dies (defenders are all present guildmembers of the protecting guild, as well as all friends who has been called upon for assistance), he/she is free to make an accusation of playerkill at the court.

If the attacker quits the fight and runs away, he/she may only be hunted while staying inside the building where the protected person can be found usually.

If any guildprotected person gets killed due to such an attack, any leaderranked member of the protecting guild is free to make an accusation at the court (the subject for such an accusation is "Guild").

Any reported case of killing a guildprotected person will be fined with a basic fine of 15 platinum coins payable to the City of Padorn. This fine will also be raised, if the attacker gets killed due to his/her attack.

3 List of all Guildprotected Items and Persons    ::top

Atlantis Magicians
  • Items : Magic Staff for Spells, Magic Robe
  • Persons: Grandor (Guildguard)

Priests of Rokoon
  • Items : Holy Sceptre of Rokoon, Holy Bostick of Rokoon, Holy Idol of Rokoon, Cleric's Robe (all colours), Rassgarma
  • Persons: Morion (Guildguard), Kurin, Prollgar, all people at the Monastry of Rokoon, all people at the Elohim Orphanage

  • Items : Tschekal (all variations), Black Headband with White Stars (all variations), Black Cape, Stormbringer
  • Persons: Faysor (Guildguard), Jylga, Li Tai, Manley all people at the Elohim Orphanage

Moeth-Tortoise Bards
  • Items : Bard's Rapier, Main-Gauche, Bard's Harness, Silver Earring of Protection
  • Persons: Jethro (Guildguard), Gottfried, Walter, Caran (Owner of Crwban's Inn)

Padorn Pickpockets
  • Items : Golden Dagger
  • Persons: Rumpelstiltskin (Guildguard)

  • Items : Dragon Spear

  • Items : Judges Ring, Judges Robe, Judges Staff These items are also protected by the Satais' guild.
  • Persons: Manley

  • Items : Jewelled Dagger (except Rassgarma) no longer protected 7.kangaroo.243AF

  • Items : Ritual Blade, Nightblack Cloak no longer protected 7.kangaroo.243AF
  • Persons: Fury (Guildguard) no longer protected 7.kangaroo.243AF

Priests of Huitzilopochtli
  • Items : Javelin, Blue Dagger, Obsidian Curved Knife, Obsidian Black Dirk, Blue Cotton Robe no longer protected 7.kangaroo.243AF
  • Persons: all people at the temple area in Yucatan no longer protected 7.kangaroo.243AF

  • Items : Psionic's Robe, Psionic's Belt

  • Items : Ring of Truth The Ring of Truth is also protected by the Satais' guild and by the guild the current judge belongs to.

Usually the attacker of any guildprotected person or the owner of any guildprotected item may not make an accusation at the court. Since he/she has done something prohibited by law, he/she should be aware of the riscs and consequences.

4 How to Declare an Item or a Person to be Protected by a Certain Guild    ::top

For declaring a special item or a special person to be protected by a certain guild the following steps have to be taken:

  1. A member of the administration of the guild has to start a voting in the guild about protecting the item or person in question.
  2. After the voting has been resolved, the guildmaster has to inform the court about the decision. Of course the voting would have to be a successful one. Also reasons have to be given why the item or person in question should be protected.
  3. The judge is not bound to the result of the voting. But if the request is declined, reasons have to be given to the guildmaster of the requesting guild.
  4. If the judge agrees, the item or person in question may be protected as described above from the day on it/he/she is added to the list in section 3 of this book.

5 About Summoned Creatures    ::top

Generally summoned creatures like mages' creatures, bards' beasts, fenris wolves, elementals of any kind, eagles, demons, imps, undeads, etc. are not protected by law. Thus an attack on them is not generally forbidden.

But if the owner is at the same location with his/her summoned creature (and is visible for anyone arriving) and in a team with it, he/she may, according to the current situation, estimate the attack on his/her summoned creature as an attack on his/her own life. In this case the law about playerattacks will be applied here.

Mind that if the owner of the summoned creature is either not at the same location with his/her summoned creature (or invisible) or is not teaming with it, he/she is not allowed to do any harm to the attacker.

Arim, Judge of Padorn

Written and edited at the 2. day in the month of the kangaroo, 242 AF

Last update at the 7. day in the month of the kangaroo, 243 AF

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