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A Warshrike dream

This is a log of the Warshrike dream that many sleepers may have experienced circa 259 yrs A.F. It warned of a cataclysm that would befall the Warshrikes, and which happened in much the way the dream described. It was followed by quite a historic occasion, which Shrikes call 'When the Gods Came Down'. That is, each of our Lords and Ladies visited the mortal lands and spoke with us. Don't hesitate to ask any older Warshrike about this, as they are always happy to discuss this amazing point of Shrike history.

You fall asleep...

You are awakened by a slight tremor from below.
It is a nice sunny day, on a high mountain.
This must be the Summit of Solitude!
The view here is... well... Incredible!

All around you, the city of Silverlining glints and twists in the light, and the clouds make a soft, fluffy, silky blanket that stretches off into the distant horizon.

It is a very beautiful place and you can feel the power emanating from this very spot. You suddenly realize, that this must be the center of realms in the sky.
The crux of all its majesty.
The tall towers of Silverlining City loom to the northwest.

As you enjoy the view of silverlining in the sun, you suddenly feel the tremor again, and you hear sounds like distant thunder rolling towards you from the city. You take a closer look and see the tower of the Chapterhouse trembling, smoke swirling around it which seems to emanate from the tower windows.

You begin to worry about what is going on there, and start your descent towards silverlining. As you get closer to the city, you feel the tremors increasing in power. You hurry through the streets of silverlining, where scared people scramble across the street. The citizens of silverlining seem at the edge of panic, several women screaming hysterically. You fight your way up the stairs towards heroes way.

As you reach the top of the stairs, you see the blackened ruins of the temples of Koranishaxx and Asgoth, smoking corpses of building next to the local branch of the mages guild, which has miraculously remained undamaged. On the top level are nearly no no people, and the distant rolling thunder has developed into roaring blasts, definitely coming from within the Warshrike Chapter House.

You run along Heroes way, only to be stopped by an enormous wave of heat as you reach the entrance of the Chapter House. Several Warshrikes desperately try to rescue others, seemingly trapped inside the blazing part of the building. Strangely, none of the more powerful members of the order seem present outside, so you suspect them still being trapped inside.

Against souring heat and biting smoke, you force your way inside, and towards the stairs leading up to the back rooms. As you reach the room, where once the fountain and altar stood, you stop dead in your tracks. The whole part of the building has been ripped away, as if a huge monster had taken a bite on the House. All that is left are few pieces of the outside walls of the four chapels. Between all the fire and debris from the desctruction, you see the four priests, struggling against unseen forces.

Suddenly, you realize that the priests are fighting each other with the help of their respective gods and godesses.

You start to scream.

One after the other, the priests die, writhing in agony.

The last one standing, undistiguishable from the rest because of the soot and blood he is covered in, howls a pathetic cry of victory, as he stumbles and falls, bleeding heavily.

As he dies, you hear a deafening howl of anguish and sorrow.

Fearing the return of the old ones, you faint and fall.

You fall...

You fall deeper ...

Lights start rushing by ...

You start to feel the wind flowing through your hair ...

You continue falling ...

Slowly, you open your eyes ....

You can see the world from afar ...

From a place between the worlds, drifting towards Xyllomer ...

You hear a voice screaming in agony ...

Suddenly, with a crack, the voice is silenced ...

You look up ...

You see a figure chained against some strange looking walls ...

Someone stands bent over the chained figure ...

He removes a strange amulet from the captive's head ...

Suddenly, he notices you, and starts to mumble a few words ...

Your eyelids grow heavy.

You fall asleep.

Suddenly, another vision enters you mind

You see :

The ceiling in this hall must have been very high once, but now all that's left is a smoking ruin. Of steel braziers haning alonge the wall, only heaps of molten metal remain. The walls are covered with black soot.

Near one wall, the remains of a steel altar with ancient runes of power carved on it's every surface remains nearly unsoiled, it's surface showing only light traces of an explosion which must have destroyed some item resting upon it. In one corner, you see the remains of a fountain buried underneath some debris. Before the destruction, stairs must have led up and down from this room.

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