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The Warshrike gods

We know only little about our gods, but here is what we know:

From the little lore that has survived our wars, I formed the opinion that Akai-kurushi once was a peaceful god, devoted to lore, knowledge and learning. He had an Order of monks following Him, with the Jitsua as their leader. But when He learned of the existance of the Old Ones, and the threat they present, He rose above Himself and formed the Alliance. He made the two blades, Hellraiser and Heaven's Fury, and learned the art of war. I do not know what He once was, but now He is the Binder, the central force of the Alliance. His story is the story of the Order, which I will tell you about later.

About Koranishaxx I can tell you more, as I was Her Shinu before Akai-kurushi chose me to lead the guild. She is, like all of the Alliance, a younger god, and I do not know if She had a large amount of followers before joining the Alliance.

A long draught had the city of Lonar suffering, and the freme came together outside the citygates to pray to Rokoon to send rain down from the skies. They prayed to Him, and alas, a falcon appeared high in the sky, circling overhead. He had heard them. But a warrior of the Eaglesnake was standing nearby, and he could not have the freme worship the archenemy of his own chosen god. So he prayed to his god to interfere. And He did. A mighty eagle came, and attacked the falcon in mid-air. The two birds fought, and clawed, and bit. And after what seemed a long time, feathers and blood falling down from the fight, the two birds plummeted down, locked tight in death, falling into a bush that was growing there. The freme, curious, drew nearer, followed by the warrior. They recoiled in fear when the bush suddenly sprang up in fire, and from the fire a Phoenix rose. She folded Her wings, and Koranishaxx looked down upon the Eaglewarrior, tears rolling down Her cheeks. She looked at him, and he felt greatly ashamed at what he had done, causing the death of two proud birds in his envy. But She forgave him, and let him live, and thus Koranishaxx was born, Lady of Fire and Tears.

A sietch of freme, who follows Her (maybe decendants of those who collected near Lonar), tells a similar, though somewhat different story.

Xoginas story is much sadder, and controversial. We where not able to verify the truth of the story, and She does not speak about it.

Xogina was living as a mortal, together with her sister and her father, in a simple hut. Her father was cruel, and he beat she and her smaller sister regularly. After one severe beating, he chained her to the wall of a cave, and sealed the cave shut, so not a single light would enter the dark. Xogina was left there to starve slowly, not able to move, and deprived even of the small comfort of light. She started to hallucinate, and rave. After a long long time, the weak light of a torch pierced the darkness, and shuffling steps came closer. In a fury Xogina turned upon the intruder, and teared him to shreds. She revelled in the blood of her former torturer and shrieked with glee when she heared the last shuddering gasp. After she came out of her frenzy, She searched the remains, and to her shock found it was not her father she had killed, but her little sister, who came to free her. She howled with anguish, and swore never to trust any man.

(Asgoth's story here)

About Oosama nearly nothing is known.

Sadly we know nothing about when or how the gods joined the Alliance.

Talonara Rockheart, tenth Jitsua of the Warshrikes, in the year 276 AF

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