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The Warshrikes


If you want to learn more about the Order of Warshrikes, you have come to the right place. But bring some time, there is much to learn about us.

We are a military organisation, but unlike the Satai our main goal is not to protect the weak, and uphold the law. We serve under the gods of the Alliance, and under Their guidance we prepare against the coming of the Old Ones, who call themselves Morin-Ak-Fazeel.

The Old Ones might be powerful demons, or weak gods, we do not know for sure. But we do know that they live off the souls of all living, and destroy everything in their wake. I have seen what they leave behind, and it is a terrible sight. Thus we train, and prepare, to be ready to defeat them when they come again.

They have been defeated once, in a mighty battle, but at fearsome losses. If the need arises, we will again do all we can, and more, to beat them back once more. This is our only goal, the only reason why the Alliance exist.

The Alliance, that means five different gods, all united to a common goal. They are: Akai-kurushi, the Binder. Asgoth, the Lord of Death and Destruction. Koranishaxx, Lady of Fire and Life. Oosama, Lord of Honor and Battle. Xogina, Lady of Blood and Carnage. They are all vastly different, and if not for the Binder, they would all stray in different directions. Akai-kurushi founded the Alliance when He first learned of the threat of the Old Ones.

That we serve under the Alliance means, every shrike primarily follows one of the four gods Koranishaxx, Asgoth, Xogina or Oosama, and secondarily all the others. Now you wonder who follows Akai-kurushi? The Jitsua does, he is the only main follower of Akai-kurushi left. Akai-kurushi chooses the Jitsua, to lead the Order during times of peace and war, and he holds all power of the Order. The Shinu, there is one for each of the other deities, are his right and left hands, combined, they hold the Order together.

We are organized in seven ranks, as there are KiDoo, the pupil, and KiMizu, the Acolyte. Those two ranks serve to proove one's worth to the Order, and to learn and train basic fighting abilities. KiAme, or Reaver, is the first rank of a full Warshrike, from here on he holds full responsibilities, and is supposed to help and teach the lower ranks. KiKaze, or Knight, together with Senso, or Warleader, are the backbone of the fighting force. Senso have shown to be good teamleaders, and can substitute a Shinu for a short time, if need be. Shinu, or Champion, there is only one for the four gods. He (or She, for Xogina will no man allow to be Senso or higher) leads his part of the Order, and oversees the progress of the pupils. He decides upon the acceptance of new members and generally is the one to turn to with questions about his part of the guild. Jitsua there is only one, he is the guildleader, and blessed by Akai-kurushi. He holds His holy blades, Hellraiser and Heaven's Fury. Only to him will the blades answer, and rise in battle. He has power over each Warshrike, and only he can decide over matters that touch the well-being of the whole guild.

We are a small guild, for life as a Warshrike is not easy. It is not without rewards, but they are not easy to come by. We are close, not unlike a large family, and our goal, the protection of Xyllomer, knits us even closer together. Once you are a Warshrike, you will always stay a Warshrike.

I hope I could have been of help, and you learned useful informations about us. If you have further questions, visit us, our chapterhouse stands on the third level of Silverlining, in the north and eastern corner, with the chapels one level below. Any shrike will be willing to answer your questions to his best knowledge.

And if you happen to unearth some lost lore about the Order or our gods, I will reward you well for your troubles.

Talonara Rockheart, tenth Jitsua of the Warshrikes, in the year 276 AF

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