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The Guild of the Smiths

About the guild    ::top

You will find us in every big city of the world: standing in our smithies, holding our forging hammer firmly in one hand while securing a metal rod on an anvil with the other. And if you stay long enough you will see the rod transforming into a new, powerful weapon ...

You might meet us in the mines, deep below the earth: We often travel there in search of all kinds of minerals and maybe we even find some gems. It is a hard job, but a rewarding one, and with our are wheelbarrows filled up to the limit we leave the mines again.

You will see us travelling around the whole world: Many tough warriors are glad to travel with us, since we are able to repair their broken armours and weapons while they are resting.

And at night you most probably see us in our favourite pubs, relaxing, drinking beer and talking with friends, preparing for a new, fulfilled day as a smith.

Becoming a Smith    ::top

Are you becoming interested? Then I will tell you more about the life of a smith.

The career of every smith starts with joining our guild at Stone Mountains. However not everyone is allowed to join, and our present guild-policy assumes that only dwarves have the necessary feeling for metal needed to become a real smith.

The ranks    ::top

The new member starts its career as an apprentice. He (or she) is supposed to learn the basics of mining and repairing.

If his/her knowledge is high enough, the new smith will be promoted to be a blacksmith. As a blacksmith he/she might be allowed to open an own smithy somewhere in the world.

Only very skilled and experienced smiths will ever reach the rank of a Master Craftsman. These are the most respected smiths on the whole world, and they will engage in long discussions about the future of the guild. Their most important duty is to elect the guildmaster, and furthermore they have the right to promote apprentices.

The highest rank in our hirarchy is the Guildmaster. The decisions of the Guildmaster are considered law among the smiths. The current Guildmaster is Fentor, the founder of our guild, but maybe in the future it could be YOU.

The laws of the Smiths    ::top

If you decide to join us, go ahead! We expect a certain loyality from you, and obedience to our laws. As exchange of this we offer to teach you our secrets, and you will get the possibility of building your own smithy. But we are aware that the life as a smith, especially as an apprentice, is a hard one. Thus all smiths are allowed to join any other guild besides our one. However they should leave their guild-problems outside of our walls.

Hoping to see you soon among us!

Ratazong, Master Craftsman (Stone Mountains, 10.8.240 AF)

Latest News    ::top

I just want to mention here, that I retired from the position of Guildmaster today. Takeshi Ironsporn was elected by the masters to be my successor. I will still be in the blacksmith near the guild and work there from time to time. I would be happy if you step in for a chat.

Fentor, former Guildmaster of the Smiths, male dwarf (Stone Mountains, 6.16.240 AF)

My businesses on Xyllomer are to demanding for me right now so that i can't be here in this guild all the time. Therefore I started a new voting for a new GM which Elliot won. From now on Elliot is our new Guildmaster. I hope he will be a good GM and I wish him the best of luck for his GMship

Takeshi Ironsporn, Master Craftsman and former Guildmaster (Stone Mountains, 12.15.241 AF)

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