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The Guild of the Satai

Hallo, young wanderer. Come on in. Take a seat.

So you want to know more about our guild? Ok, here it goes.

First let me introduce. I am Faysor, a veteran Satai-Warlord and now guardian of our guild here in Padorn.

We call ourselves Satai. In our midst are the greatest and most famous fighters of Xyllomer. Our members are recruited from every race of our world, but you will seldom find gnomes or fairies here, for they lack the needed strenght. We live bound to our guild-codex.

Our foremost task is the protection of all good, weak and poor people in our world. Thats why we fight the dangers put upon them by evil necromancers, dark priests and lawless scum. Thus we are aware if anyone attacks city guards who are under our protection and come to their aid.

We pride ourselves of the most effective fighting techniques known to mankind. These special tactics evolve from our balance between body and mind. We can focus our will to order our body to stay alert or our hands to aim at special lethal body location.
If someones tschekal is stolen or he died and lost it, he has to instantly inform the other members about the fact. No tschekal may fall into the hands of non-guildmembers, it has to be regained under all circumstances!

Well, enough rambling over fighting.

Before a wannabe member can join us he has to ask a Satai of Warrior rank or higher if this one is willing to take him as a pupil. If no Satai is in reach, he could also ask me, i would inform the members about his wish. The later mentor would check the newcomer if he has knowledge about our history and our codex and is willing to live by it. If satisfied he mayat was given to us to protect the innocent people from its evil influences.

Warriors and Warlords also have the necessary knowledge in fighting arts to train our allies. Allies are members of other non-evil guilds who accept our codex and actively support our quest for preserving law and order.

So, young one, you see our demands are high, but you would gain much as well. We the members of our guild are a sworn band of brothers and sisters who support one another. You would be welcome to join us. And do not hesitate to ask a Satai if you want to know more or if you are in need of help.

May the gods bless your way!

transcript by Hideyoshi "Sadman" Shimazu, Satai Warlord

The Codex of the Satai guild

  • Never harm or kill an innocent!
  • Never attack a good creature !(you are allowed to defend yourself)
  • Protect the weak!
  • Always follow the will of your guild!
  • Satais are not allowed to use magic ! To be more precise:
    A satai is not allowed to create his/her own magic!(casting spells, sing magic songs).
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