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The Razza Warriors

The Razza Warriors are a guild of freelance fighters. Its members are trained by five of the most skilled warriors of Xyllomer. The guild offers its training to nonmembers of the Warriors as well, but to higher prices and to a lower skillevel. The five trainers were asked to introduce themselves. This is what they have answered.

In my younger days, I won more battles than most of people survived. But about a decade ago, I retired to open up the Fighter's School of Atlantis with Jarik, Barik and Jeppard. But because of minor problems we moved to Razza, where we now teach our pupils the art of fighting and of self-defence. In my long years of practising this art, I learned how to defend and to use all kinds of weapons. But the most successful way of fighting is fighting without weapons. And this is the art of combat I teach those who seek to learn. Unarmed combat combines skill, technique and surprise. Everyone can see where a sword or a pike is going to hit, but only few can dodge a punch or a kick that comes from nowhere.

Querek, master of unarmed combat

When I met Querek first, we fought side on side against a marauding band of orcs and ogres, led by a troll, who attacked a small village north of Padorn. That was eleven years ago, and he saved my life there. Most of our party have been wounded, and it was down to Querek and me to face the troll. There was where I learned to respect his way of fighting without weapons. The troll hit me with a giant club and broke my swordsarm. Querek flung himself between me and the troll and finished him off after some few well-placed blows of his hands. Nevertheless, I prefer a sword or a long staff as a weapon. Speed and surprise may be very well when facing a single opponent. But when it comes down to serious fighting, it is better to parry good and hit hard.

Barik, master of polearms and swords

All my life long, I only sensed my environment. For me, combat is a way to live. While I am fighting someone, I can see him. In a time long past, I used to participate at tournaments. Therewas where I met Querek. We stood against each other, I used my daggers and Querek fought with bare hands. It was a great contest. The fight lasted for more than half an hour. I had to use a trick to win, but when my dagger was at his throat, he surrendered himself to me. He offered me to join his fighter's guild, and from this day, I was one of his friends and partners. It is not necessary to see your opponent if you simply want to kill him. A knife in the darkness is sometimes better than a sword in the light. It is the result that counts, not the way.

Jeppard, master of knives and blindfighting

A hunter always hunts alone. He is prepared to survive in the nature, feeding himself with nature's fruits and caring for his own wounds if it nature stroke back at him. This is what I teach those who come to me to learn. I am teaching for more than two decades now. It was one decade ago that Querek asked me to join him in opening up a Guild of Fighters. Thus I am where I am.

Jarik, master of hunting

Dwarf's a fighting-machine.'s not 'ly beer 'n gold we care for, b' also crushn enmies. Dwarfn style's mo'fective than anthing else.'s based on strength mo' than dexterty. Few humans 'n fewer elves 're able t' mast' it. Some o'em do prett' well nevless. Me met Querk in t'XTC, year ago. He lookd fo' dwarfn fighter fo' 's new school. Price he pays 's fair, s' I volteered, 'n now I'm trainn t'Razza Warriors in dwarf style.

Dargon, axes and hammers

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