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In this essay I will attempt to deal with the concept of neutrality and its meanings for psionics. It is important to remember, however, that this definition is arbitrary; true neutrality is something which people should discover individually through personal meditation, and not a thing easily described with words.

Tenants of Neutrality

There are two basic tenets of neutrality. The first is to seek for balance between good and evil; the second is to practice tolerance and understanding.

To truly comprehend what the balance between good and evil is, one must first have a definition of what is good, and what is evil. Too often, "good" is defined as anything which is holy, and "evil" as anything which is damned. A psionic's duty is to delve beneath these conventions and find the true motivations of people. One must continually question what is good or evil. Why is it assumed that the villagers of the Yucutan, who are sacrificed to ensure the fertility and health of the land, are more deserving of pity and protection than the giants of Silverlining, who are regularly slaughtered defending their private community from invaders looking for nothing more than a good battle?

I prefer to interpret the meaning of seekingthe balance as "the desire to seek what is right, despite common conventions of what is good, and what is evil." A psionic should stand up for what he or she knows is right, and denounce what is wrong, without hiding behind the excuse of accepted definitions or alignment.

The second tenet of neutrality is tolerance. This simply means one must understand that no one path is right for everyone. Each individual must find his or her own path, and be allowed to take it.

Practical applications of neutrality for the Psionic

There are several ways a psionic can fulfill the duties of neutrality. One way is through personal meditation and the study of nature. Intense meditation can often result in a deeper understanding of neutrality and a general feeling of well-being, and is something all psionics should practice regularly. Meditations on the interaction of nature and the four elements which comprise it are also helpful; much can be learned from the natural harmony and balance the world around us provides.

Another important aspect of a psionic's life is their religious belief. Psionics are required to worship a neutral deity, but which deity chosen is a personal decision. Often religious beliefs have a major impact on one's lifestyle; therefore, it is important that guild and religious beliefs do not conflict.

A final application of neutrality is in how a psionic interacts with individuals. A psionic should never judge people by their guild, race, or religious beliefs. Psionics must practice tolerance and respect for all walks of life. Of course, this does not mean that psionics cannot become involved with the rest of the world; psionics are free to help out any friend in need, or to defend causes which are believed to be just. A psionic, however, must never join in an attack or hunt related to any guild enmities, and should refrain from taking sides in others' guildwars.

These are only my beliefs and philosophy about neutrality and psionic duties. I hope that they will aid all psionics in finding personal conclusions about neutrality. Always remember: a psionic's first and foremost duty, and ability, is to think for yourself.

Content by Blue du'Sonsa

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