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The history of the psionics

Once there lived a man named Ionitake Tanagra. He was a traveller who wandered through the world, searching for a community which shared his dreams and his beliefs. During his wanderings he met a Satai, and eventually became good friends with him. The Satai convinced Ionitake to join his guild. For a long time he remained a member of the Satais, making friends and upholding goodness.

The years passed, and Ionitake ascended in the guild. As his rank grew, so did the weight and importance of his decisions. But with each passing day Ionitake grew more discontented. He could not accept the endless goodness of the Satai. He believed that a world which did not know evil could truly ever know goodness. Ionitake no longer wanted to blindly accept a life of pure goodness; nor could he bear the thought of leading a life of evil. Ionitake longed to be neutral.

So with a broken heart the warrior left his friends and his life as a Satai. During the following years he was rarely seen, wandering the forests searching for answers as he used to in his youth.

Ionitake finally made his home in a forest near Elohim. He spent his days meditating, searching for peace, and focusing his whole energy upon training his mental abilities. As his mind grew, Ionitake noticed that he could do strange things with his mental powers. He could move objects if he concentrated on them, but it took all of his strength. Trying to focus his mental powers more efficiently, he began to search for a medium to channel his energy through. Ionitake searched painstakingly, trying many things, but nothing seemed to help him focus. Then one day as he was walking through an abandoned coal mine, he stumbled across a small, crudely formed crystal.

Focusing his mental power to bring it to his hand, Ionitake felt his power echoing through the crystal. He realized that he had discovered the medium which he had been searching for all along. Sensing the flaws in the imperfect natural crystal, Ionitake tried find a way to perfect it, but the crystal shattered under his effort. Finally, he decided that he would have to create his own crystal. Using a piece of coal from the mine, he concentrated all of his mental power into the lump. After several hours, he had finished his task, creating a flawless crystal. But it took all of his mental effort, and realized that he was even physically hurt and exhausted from the effort. Afraid to touch the crystal, he retired to recover from the ordeal.

Thinking about the crystal, Ionitake wasn't sure what to do with the object that had caused him nearly to die. When he gathered enough strength, he decided to take the crystal to a gemcutter to sell it. But as he touched the perfect crystal, he felt even greater powers flowing into his body. He placed the crystal into his belt, finding that it acted like a powerful lens to focus his thoughts.

Ionitake found that the powers he had gathered in the crystal could not be used by anyone else. Using his crystal, he was able to do many more things than he even dreamed of before, influencing his own body in strange and wonderous ways, and even the four elements that surrounded him. And like the forces of nature, his powers amplified and reflected the neutrality which he sought.

Going forth into the world again with his new-found abilities, Ionitake gathered followers around him. He had completed his life's task, to find a community of perfect neutrality.

Content by Blue du'Sonsa

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