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The Psionics

Greetings fair wanderer,

You walk along the street and reach the busy market-place of Padorn. What was it that your ma has told you to buy? Milk, cheese, some wool for your new pair of stockings and ... and ...
You think very hard, there was something more, you wrote it down somewhere.

As you start to search your pockets you notice a strange looking guy next to you and suddenly you see his face right before your eyes, or was it in your mind? You gasp and look up as you see your note flying to this strange guy. He smiles and you see a flash coming from the crystal in his belt as you hear a voice in your head: "Don't forget to buy the beer for your father!" With a smile he gives you back your note and turns to leave. After a moment of recovering you run past him and adress him. "Hey mister, how did you do this?"

He turns to you with a broad smile and you see the flash from his belt again as you hear the voice again: "That's nothing, just a little trick." He walks on and you follow him as he begins to talk about himself and his friends. "I am a Psionic. We are the masters of mind and body. After a long time of training and meditation we achieved a level of control of our bodies noone else can match. If one of us starts to bleed, he concentrates on the muscles around his wounds to close it. We can also affect items like your note with the power of our mind, this is called telekinesis."

You closely listen to him as he tells you about the various abilities he and his friends have learned about and the selfdiscipline it takes to control yourself to such a high degree. "But all this time of meditation has made us lose the interest in most of the "worldly affairs" and we remain neutral unless the balance of the world itself is endangered or one of our friends."

Suddenly he looks up to the sky. Then he turns to you again:
"I think it's getting time for you to go home to your parents, they will already wait for you and don't forget to buy the things for them. If you ever dicide that the life on your farm is too boring, who knows, we might meet again."

With a smile on his face he waves and vanishes in the crowds.

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Lawrence, on the Oakday 01.12. 253 AF

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