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The Atlantis Magicians

The Atlantis Mages are an ancient guild, present on Xyllomer since far before the great fire of Padorn. They have come from the guild of Sorcerers which split into the Atlantis Mages and the Necromancers. In the early 260ties A.F. there was another split as several mages left the guild to be freemages, and others were expelled from the guild. Some, but not all of the freemages came together to form another community which today is known as the Alliance Mages.

The Atlantis Mages are governed by a council of grey-mages that is chaired by the elected Guildmaster. The Protector of knowledge is in charge of the magical libraries and all studies that concern them. Together with the guildmaster he takes care of apprentices who are temporarily without master. A Promotion Council consisting of seven grey-mages, including the Guildmaster and the Protector decides on new applicants to the guild. The hierarchy of the guild is diamond-shaped with the guildmaster and the Promotion Council members occupying the top section, the remainder of the grey-mages occupying the widest part and below them the summoning-masters, the master-mages in training and the new apprentices.

Although membership of the guild is in demand for the status it offers there are only very limited numbers of apprentices as not all of those at the rank of grey-mage are empowered to recieve pupils into the guild.

There are representatives of all the races of Xyllomer in the guild, except Dwarves. The innate magical resistance of the Dwarven race prevents them from harnessing, manipulating and then channeling through their own body, the magical forces of the world. Within the guild, the fairy-folk are perhaps most noted for their ability to regain spent mana swiftly even in the worst conditions.

As a guild the Atlantis Mages have no official politics, save the preservation of the magical life-forces of Xyllomer. Their greatest enemies in this regard are Necromancers, who drain these resources to power their own casting. In practice guildmembers who take a political stance tend to side with Satai Warriors, Clerics of Rokoon or other followers of good or neutral gods. However no physical or magical confrontation between guildmembers may erupt from such preferences.

The evil gods Asgoth, Huitzilopochtli and especially Bhaal, (for his close ties to necromancy) are frowned upon. Followers of these deities will often find themselves in the Alliance if they decide to follow the path of magic. The discussion of this religious freedom was part of what caused the split between the Atlantis Mages, and the Freemages.

With poor skills in combat, a young mage is among the weakest beings on Xyllomer. The Atlantis Mages promote the education of the mind and the gathering of knowledge. Apprentices are prepared to walk a long and patient way. However, with time and dedication, mages become extremely powerful individuals. Even though a solitary mage is rarely a match for an experienced fighter in single combat, as an addition to a team, a mage is a worthy member.

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