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Cleric and Dragon Knights of Rokoon

About the Guild

We are an old guild. We preserve the creations of Rokoon and spread his word among the disbelievers. We also defend his creation and his followers.

Rokoon's way is the way of Life. The clerics of Rokoon are given the powers to heal the wounds and diseases commonly encountered in the world. The Dragon Knights stand as shining examples for the love and kindness people can show each other but also for the strength with which Rokoon's creation is defended.

You can meet us in the great temple in Padorn, where the morning sermons are held each day, or in the monastery by the northern ocean, where we join the monks in their evening prayers.
But you could also meet us tending to the wounded, when an expeditions was sent to hold the dark and violent children of Bhaal at bay and away from the peaceful settlements around the world.
Alas, you could also find us locked in deadly fight against the dark priests from Yucatan or against a necromancer which has defied the laws of nature and roams the lands with his undead minions.


The Commandmends of Rokoon

  • Rokoon shall be thy only Lord and God. Thou shalt respect him, his manifestations and his friends.
  • Thou art given from Rokoon the free will to decide your ways. Ever be thankful about this gift and try to act as a preserver, watcher and keeper of Rokoon's creation.
  • Thou shalt serve Rokoon in words and deeds, so thy soul will be saved.
  • Bhaal and Huitzilopochtli are Rokoon's enemies forever, therefore they, their manifestations and believers shall be thy enemies.
  • Thou shalt convert disbelievers, for only Rokoon can save their souls.
  • Thou shalt not kill without need or reason.
  • Thou shalt not harm beings with a good aura.
  • Thou shalt work for the day on which all evil has left this world, and Rokoon will rule in peace forever.

Becoming a Member

You are interested in the life as a cleric or knight?

Before we speak any further, we expect you to firmly believe in Rokoon and follow his commandments.

The next step would then be to address a member of the Dragon Knights or the Clerics about your intentions. In case they cannot help you directly, they will inform the persons can decide upon such things. As the decission to serve Rokoon, be it as Cleric or as Dragon Knight, is a very sincere one, applicants will not directly become members of the guild. They will first get an associate status which is called 'page' for the Dragon Knights and 'acolyte' for the Clerics.

During the time as an associate member, your main task is get to know the people with whom you will serve Rokoon in the future. Your knowledge about the teachings of Rokoon and your future duties will increase. After some time, when your mentor deems you ready, a voting will be started in which the council of the guild will approve or disapprove your full membership.


The Ranks

The structure of the guild is basically the same for both branches.

Following the associated status, there is an initiate rank. For the Clerics, this rank is called 'pilgrim'. Pilgrims learn how to effectively pray to Rokoon for a number of miracles. Not all miracles are yet available to them, as some require in depth knowledge and a close familiarity with the teachings of Rokoon. The appropiate rank amoung the Dragon Knights for this stage is the rank of 'squire'. At this rank members gain access to the mental link between all the guild members, the guildline, as well as the access to the inner guild rooms.

Following the initiate ranks, the members of the Dragon Knights can reach the status of a 'knight'. At this stage they can teach the guild members in the martial arts, accept new pages and have a vote for their representative in the guild council, the leader of the Dragon Knights, the Herald.

The Clerics can reach the rank of 'cleric' after they pass a trial and will gain full access to all the miracles Rokoon provides them with. At this stage, they can also decide if they with to join one of the priestly orders.

The highest non-leader rank in the hierarchy of the Dragon Knights is the rank of 'templar'. Templars are not only masters of the martial arts, they also passed a test which querried their knowledge in the teachings of Rokoon. Only a templar can be voted to the rank of Herald and be the leader of the Dragon Knights and represent them in the guild council.

The highest clerical rank is the rank of priest. Priests can be voted into the council by their fellow priests and can accept new acolytes.

Only priests can candidate for the office of Guild Speaker, the formal leader of the guild as a whole.


The Orders

Just as life itself grows into different shapes and forms, the goals and ways to worship Rokoon and his creations have diversified.

These differences are expressed through the formation of the different orders that exist within the guild. The differences that make each order unique include the main focus of priestly work, such as the healing of wounded beings or the defence of Rokoon's creation against the followers of his enemies. The differences show in how their members react to certain sitations or the way they dress.

The Dragon Knights of Rokoon can, in a broader sense, be seen as a quite radical order. Giving up access to the miracles a cleric can pray for in return for miracles that Rokoon simply provides.

Content by Neko Stonebeard.

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