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The Moeth-Tortoise Bards

Welcome young wanderer, welcome to the "Flowing Barrel"!

I am glad that you found your way to Hart's Village to learn more about our glorious guild. At first, you probably wonder why we are called the Moeth-Tortoise-Bards, but have our guild rooms here north of the Stone Mountains.

Well, long long ago, Moeth and Tortoise were our home, but a fire, a firestorm rather, of yet unseen power destroyed the old city of Saint-Susi and with it our halls with their famous hanging gardens. Whatever has caused this disaster is lost in the fog of history, maybe some of the eldest could tell you a bit about it. Anyway, we, the Bards, travelled the world, homeless, until we founded a little retreat in the forests of Hart's Village. Over the years, we built a nice little hut, which was extended step by step to its actual look.

But enough of old stories. I think you rather want to hear about the life of a Bard, so listen closely. Music is our passion, enter- tainment is our business. Wherever elves, humans, dwaves and so on gather to celebrate and to enjoy themselves, you'll find Bards who sing, make music, juggle or tell of old history. In whatever pub you have a rest, you'll hardly have to wait for long until a Bard arrives to entertain the people; and often the people pay us some coins for a good performance. This is how we earn a living. It is also said that we Bards are the only true seducers and steal the hearts of women resp. men easily... well, this is a secret you have to find out on your own.

Our profession involves a life of travels, and you won't find many others who travel the world that much and know even the most hidden corner like we Bards do. On all our travels, music is our company. Once you master your instrument and your voice, you will be able to strengthen yourself or to influence your audience by the mere power of your music. Besides our songs, we are not helpless facing the various dangers all over the world. It is true, we are no warriors, and we do not have their skill dealing with weapons, but the guild teaches us the unique art of fencing with rapier and main-gauche, which helps us to defend ourselves.

There's so much to listen to, so much to learn and so much knowledge to preserve. Those of us whose knowledge grew with time and who master their instrument perfectly become soon Sages of our guild to teach the younger ones and let them participate in our knowledge. Above the Sages, there are four Masters caring for the guild under the leadership of the Masterbard. These are the ones you have to address if you wish to join our famous guild. The Masters, who are elected by the Sages, are responsible for accepting new members, for teaching and testing them, along with other various duties.

You might be asking yourself: "What qualities must one have to become a Bard?". Our guild consists of people of all faiths and races. There are four traits that are found in all Bards: the love for music, the honest wish to entertain, the curiosity to travel the world and to learn, and respect for fellow bards.

In the year 276 AF, Angborn of House Elohim, Masterbard of the Moeth-Tortoise-Bards.

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