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Tortoise is a large domain at the northern end of the same continent as Dune and Yucatan. It is neither tropical, nor infertile like the others, but green and pleasant. To the south it borders Dune with a range of high mountains populated by monsters and bandits through which a way can, with some risk of death, be found to the southern part of the continent.

There is regular public shipping from other continents and the shiplines are listed below.

  • Tortoise
  • Lonar
  • Atlantis
  • Padorn
  • Razza
  • Tortoise
  • Tortoise
  • Yucatan
  • Tortoise

On the northern coast of the area there is a small island, rarely visited and a large open area with little dangerous about it where one may admire the lush beauty and desolate coastline of the domain. The harbour is also found here and from the harbour to the main town of Ganhwyll one travels through open grasslands.

West of the city is a forest, like Elohim in Lake this place is a home to the elven people. In the forest there is a great oak, wherein can be found a temple to Dualdin. The forest itself hides little danger as the elven patrols keep it safe. The city itself is only of medium size, but there is much to be found within its wooden walls. All of the usual shops are there and some more too, including a mining shop and a cafe where you can sit and drink coffee with your friends. There is a hotel too where you can go to rest and store items in safety.

East of the city the grasland continues and runs to the south into a dark forest, not overly dangerous, but neither completely harmless. Then the mountains rise up, with twisting roads and yawning crevices that tumble unwary travellers down so they become lost and must fight the creatures of the mountains to return to civilization. The mountains are not a place for the young or unwary, full of hidden cracks that often hide an ambush and home to vicious yeti and even dragons!

At the southwestern corner of Tortoise a fallen tree-bridge leads across the water to Ki-Eran-Home, a gnomish city. Founded by the gnomish adventurer Ki-eran many years ago, it has grown larger than Asyria although like Asyria it is a quiet place, little troubled by conflict .. although many of its citizens seek help with little puzzles that they have encountered in their lives.

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