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HeyHo dear reader!

Padorn, the capital of the world, is an exciting city full of life. If you want to enhance your cultural background, accuse someone for a crime or just go shopping and have a good time you are at the right place. This brochure will try to give you a short overview on some highlights you shouldn't miss.

Padorn is waiting for you!

History    ::top

Even in ancient times Padorn was the leading trading centre of the world. Historians believe that the main reason for its rise was because it was situated at the crossing of three major roads and because it has a big harbour, with ships sailing to nearly the whole world.

But most of the history of Padorn is a mystery. Two hundred and thirty-four years ago, a terrible disaster struck Padorn : the whole city burned down to the ground. It was never understood why this happened, since very few people survived the fire. And they were more concerned with surviving than with writing down their experiences...

But with an enourmous effort and a lot of outside help, the city was rebuilt. This time the builders didn't want to take any risks : most of the city was made out of solid stone and surrounded by a strong citywall.

Since then, the city developed in peace and got even richer than before. And there was never again a fire in Padorn. (except once when an angered mage burned down the house where he suspected to be the thieves guild....)

Sightseeing in Padorn    ::top

There is much to explore in Padorn, so the following list can only give you some ideas as to where to start your visit. You'll surely find some new, interesing places every time you visit again.

Bath (**)
Are you exhausted from travelling through the world? Then you can relax at the Padorn Baths. Here you can find everything you might need: pools, steambath and even massages.
You'll find the Baths on the East Road.

City-wall (*)
We suggest to enter the city-wall at the northern gate and to turn eastwards until you reach the southern gate. This short walk of about one hour will give you an impression how good the city is protected against any force which might try to invade from the outside.

Gnomish Embassy (**)
Get a glimpse of the achievements of the gnomish race or just relax in the garden. Go there also if you want to visit the villages of Marais or Assyra and have visa-problems. You'll find the Gnomish Embassy on Razza Avenue.

Library of Padorn (***)
The library is one of the greatest sources of knowledge of the whole world. Whatever your interests are, you'll find enough to read here for more than just a couple of rainy days.
The Library is situated on the Tenaos Avenue. It is open daily from 7am till midnight, but it is closed on the Day of Spirituality.

Marketplace (**)
The market place is a must for every visitor of Padorn. You can stay here for hours, watching the people passing by, having some chats with them, refreshing yourself at the fountain or with some fresh fruits and even listen to the predictions of some prophets.

Museum of Padorn (***)
The museum has many exhibits about the whole world: be impressed by famous weapons and ancient instruments used by the great heroes of the past, have a look at the painting gallery or even let yourself be painted there. And don't forget to buy some unique souvenirs before leaving.
The museum is situated in Razza-Ave. Opening-hours are 8am to 22pm.

Oracle of Padorn (***)
The oracle is well hidden in the forest south of Padorn. If you seek enlightment or just some more good deeds to do try to find it. But be prepared to be charged a lot for the prophecies.

Race around the world (***)
The race around the world takes place every couple of months. Then the marketplace is invaded by huge crowds of people from all of the world, betting on the contestants, discussing different strategies and loudly supporting their champions.
All fearless competitors will gain eternal fame and the winner also a large amount of money. Don't miss this event, and maybe even try to take part yourself.

Townhall (*)
Don't miss the townhall at your stay! Here you can always read the latest announcements or have a look at an useful map of the city.
The townhall can be found south of the marketplace.

Shopping    ::top

Padorn is the ideal place to get the ultimate shopping experience! You can buy nearly everything here and the following list will only show some of the highlights:

Amanda's Bakery (East Road)
She has the finest variety of breads you can think of. And you will never forget her hazelnutbars, which taste like homemade!

Gulatti's (West Road)
Gulatti is the tailor of the town. He has specialized on shirts, but he and his apprentice Sanjay will gladly sell you any other piece of clothing you may need.

Ship Yard (Harbour)
Have you always dreamed of sailing your own vessel through the oceans? Here your dreams can get true! You can choose from a wide variety of ships, which will be built just for you.

Thariand's (Main Road)
Thariand has specialized on items every sailor needs.

Food and Accomodation    ::top

So you travelled through the city the whole day - and before you realize it, the night falls. And you are quite hungry and need a bed to sleep. Of course in Padorn these needs can be satisfied, too.

Padorn Inn (Main Road)
This is the main pub of the town. The meals are served here are very tasty, and there is always one here to talk with. If you want to stay for the night, this is the best choice in town.

Golden Galleon (Main Road)
This is the sailors pub, located near to the harbour. It is not recomendable for tourists and since sometimes forbidden gambling takes place there it is often closed.

Smiling Monkey (West Road)
This pub is quite popular in town because of the great variety of strong drinks Orakor, the barkeeper, is selling here. But be aware that you can find yourself easily inmids of a fight there.

Adventurers Guild (Main Road)
If the Padorn Inn is full you can try to get an accomodation here. But be aware that the rooms arme much more spartanic than in the inn.

Amanda's Bakery (East Road)
see shopping-section

Law and Order in Padorn    ::top

There are strict laws in Padorn: Nobody is allowed to own drugs or stolen items. Furthermore murderers and thieves will be punished severely (if they get caught).

To enforce theses laws there are strong guards at the city-gates, which will eventually check your items (and confiscate them if they are illegal). They also try to prvent outlaws from entering the city.

If you are witness of a crime you can head to the world-famous court-house of Padorn (Main Road) and accuse the preceptor of the crime. The judge (a mortal, who is elected by all inhabitants of the world) will then start a trial and hopefully sentence the criminal.

If needed the sentences of the judge are enforced by the mighty fighters of the Satai guild. And the victims may be ressurected by the friendly clerics of Rokoon.

But ever through these measures there are still some crimes happening in Padorn, many of them being committed by the members of the Pickpocket guild. There are some rumors that they still have their headquarters somewhere in Padorn, but they never could be found. So the best advice for you is to be careful and always to watch your belongings.

Getting there and away    ::top

Daily hundreds of merchants and adventurers visit Padorn. Some come from the south, from the beautiful forest of Elohim, the home of the elven race. Others come from the west, the way to the mountains, where you can find the home-caves of the dwarves and some unknown powers. And there is of course the costal road with it's scenic views leading to the grasslands, home of the mighty centaurs.

All of these roads are secure and provide you a comfortable travel.

The other way to reach Padorn is the take one of the many ship-lines which stop at the harbour. This is a very convinient way to travel, since you can relax or hold your nose in the stiff breeze. From Padorn you can reach continents as distant as Atlantis, Dune, Tortoise and even the island of Clouds without having to change the ship! And for the service offered the fares are extremely low.

Gyldor & Susie, 12.12.1994, updated by Dimitri, 22/Feb/1996

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