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Morisot is a large continent which has only recently been resdiscovered. It is located to the east of the continent which holds Tortoise, the great desert and Yucatan and to the west of the continent of Primordia. The northern part of the continent is divided into several main areas:

  • GarAinion - the city of the elves (northeast)
  • Noradim - the town of the northern humans (northwest)
  • Tangradim - the huge metropolis of mixed races (south)
  • Treshnish - the village of the gnomes (central mountains)
  • Xorlogosh - the city of the dwarves (eastern mountains)

The southern part of Morisot is mostly undiscovered. The public shiplines are shown below.


  • Tangradim
  • Cloud Bottom
  • Tangradim

    Star of Noradim

  • Noradim
  • Atlantis
  • Noradim

A trip through Morisot

GarAinion, the city of the elves lies in a mountain valley in the northeastern mountains. To the south of it there is a large forest which is bordered by a long river and inhabited by orcs and ogres. It is rumoured that some elves still live in the trees above the ground there. The river flows to the south where it soon tumbles over some rapids into the caves, to continue underground.
The Alliance of Freemages have their guild tower near the crossing of the road that leads north towards GarAinion, east towards Xorlogosh and west towards Noradim.

To the west a road leads through the vast swampland and through the Grahn Mountains, reaching Larildon and Sogradon, an area which is lightly forested, with frequent meadows and a lake to the south.

Here, between Larildon and Sogradon, at the northwestern coast of Morisot lies the town of Noradim where a clan of northern humans lives. The area between Noradim and the Grahn Mountains is heavily forested. Few people dare to venture into this forest, as it seems to be haunted by the spirits of its former inhabitants.

The clan of humans from Noradim is rather unfriendly towards mages and any traveller in connection with divine miracles which are outside of their own experience. They eye each new face with suspicion. However it was this clan who first ventured into the world and brought the continent back into the minds of the people of Xyllomer. I have provided a note from their chief below.

From Noradim a road leads south through Sogradon between the Grahn Mountains to the east, and the sea to the west. Soon the road leads past ancient battle fields and through deep forest. After a long way it will bring the traveller to a small village at a crossing.

Here at the Golden Bowl Inn the road splits. To the east it leads through canyons up into the mountains until it reaches the valley and gnomen village of Treshnish. The population of this idyllic rural area is very friendly. The valley, with its meadows, forest and beautiful lake is very soothing, and the ever present harsh history of the battles of Morisot seems to have left no traces in Treshnish.

I have included a detailed Guide to Treshnish below.

Following the road from the Golden bowl to the south however, the traveller finds that his way leads through the forests southeast until it reaches the large metropolis Tangradim in the meadowlands to the south. The city brings together the nations of the continent, providing exquisite goods and scholarly education. It is by far the city with the largest population on Morisot. Its large harbour is frequented by many traders and travellers alike.

Prompted by the steep increase in travel, the Senate of Tangradim has set down some firm
guidelines for the foreign traveller.

Leaving Tangradim again to the east you can follow the road north back towards GarAinion. A path splits off the road after approximately half of the way. It leads into the eastern mountains and towards the dwarven city of Xorlogosh. However the dwarves seem yet to be reluctant to open their gates to the public.

The Wanderer. 2006


Note from Noradim

To all the travelers visiting our village.

I noticed a large increase in visitors to our village after our recent discovery of the strange land called 'Atlantis'.

Many of these visitors do not seem to know the Law of the Land!

We are simple people wanting to live in peace.

Anybody breaking the peace is considered an enemy of the village.

People in this village tend to have a long memory. We will remember those beeing friendly to us as we will not forget those beeing rude.

Practicers of witchcraft and sorcery are frowned upon in the village.

The sorceress Umbra told us that in the strange lands accross the ocean magic is beneficial. I do not trust in that but for the time beeing we will tolerate visitors even if they practice the dark arts. This means that the guards wont attack those they see practicing magic. Since most people in the village do not trust witches though displays of witchcraft might lead to bad rumors about the practicer. I especially won't hold a grudge to anybody not speaking to a witch or not serving him or her.

The guards are always on the lookout for danger to the citizens.

They have orders to attack on sight unnatural creatures, the walking dead and any wild beasts trying to break into the city.

We pay reference to the gods and praise is to those of them who protect us.

Judgement on criminal matters is done by me. If any grivances happen to you in the lands of Noradim feel free to contact me with a note on this board.

Gunnar, Jarl of Noradim


Note from Tangradim

May it be known to all citizens of the realm and to all visitors:

The Senate of Tangradim, lead by Patrician Artasso of the House of Palmanova, and by the grace of His Highness, Danilo Duke of Tangradim:

- acknowledging that recent events such as the discovery of new lands as well as the influx of many strangers from said lands, have given rise to grave concern among our population.

- recognising the abhorrent lawlessness of foreigners from the new lands and the inability of said foreigners to adapt willingly to our centuries old traditions and laws.

- obliged by its duty to protect the Duchy of Tangradim and its vital interests.

His Highness, Danilo, Duke of Tangradim and his family; the members of the Senate; and all others who live, trade and work here declares:

- All those visiting our Duchy will be required to register themselves truthfully at the Tangradim Registry, located on Palace Square. Not complying with this requirement may result in loss of privileges such as access to public services including access to the City of Tangradim itself. In addition, shop, inn and trading privileges may be withheld.

- Citizenship may be granted to foreigners with good standing in our Duchy, at the discretion of the Senate.

- In order to deal with the expected severe increase in criminal behaviour and to allow the Senate sufficient time for its normal duties, the Office of a Judge will be created in our realm. His duties will consist of executing the law as proclaimed by the Senate and, where appropriate, advising the Senate on legal matters as well as ways of how to deal with foreign criminals. Those wishing to serve the Duchy of Tangradim as judge, may sent a written to the Speaker of the Senate, including information on their qualifications for such office, on personal and financial situation, as well as any links to official bodies such as governments or guilds in their present land of residence.

- Until such a judge has been appointed, all crimes are to be reported directly to the Speaker of the Senate.

For the Senate of Tangradim,
Mirtano of the House of Fiuminca,
Speaker of the Senate


A Guide to Treshnish

The narrow and rough path through the wild mountains will not let the wanderer guess at the marvellous view which awaits him when he finally reaches the Valley. It is best advised to time the journey well and start early from the Golden Bowl, the Inn which stands right at the beginning of the path towards Treshnish. If then the Valley comes into view by the late afternoon, lush colours will greet the traveller in all seasons but winter, when the valley lies in peaceful snow cover.

The green meadows are dotted with many fruit trees and the golden fields speak of the peaceful and happy life in a valley that is protected from the worst of storms by the steep slopes which surround it.

The first building you will find is a large building, which will allow you to rest your weary feet. The Last Chance Inn was built with those in mind, who may wish to travel through the mountains, and who need board and bed for a night.

The northern rim of the Valley holds a small forest, which supplies the wood carvers with plentiful material. It is home to the few wild animals which live in the valley and it also allows the local smith to continue his trade, especially since the mine is close by.

Built on the highest point of the southern slopes and Observatory allows the visitor to take a full view at the valley while enjoying the hospitality of the gnomes. From here it is also that the silver band of the Rishnish which flows from the northeastern part of the valley to the southeast, and the Lake Mishnish, a deep blue jewel in the southeastern part of the valley, are seen in their full splendor. A visit of the Angel Falls however is still advisable, since they are just out of view from the Observatory.

The center of the Valley is also the center of the community. Around a large place with the Monument of Care are some of the local shops and the local school is not far.

Among the goods we produce, bread and flour, cheese, potions, carved wood, and our famous fruit cake are known far beyond the borders of the valley. It would be a pity to miss the chance to take a taste of the local life, enjoy the work on the fields, or help in the smithy or at the mill and finally enjoy the fruits of ones work.

Millie Beldane


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