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Grasslands - Razza

Cultural Background

From its beginnings as a small centaur colony in the far north of Primordia, Grasslands has steadily grown into a prosperous and peaceful area, although it still has the miles of untamed wilderness, and the towns have the roughness of a frontier. The region is commonly called 'Razza' elsewhere, after the capitol and government seat, Razza City.

Although it may be lacking the glamour of Ganhwyll or the sophistication of Padorn, the little wooden town of Razza City has a charm all its own. Here you will find a laid-back atmosphere, with friendly people of all races welcoming peaceful visitors. All manner of rough people may be found visiting Razza City: trappers and hunters from the untamed northern forests; farmers and ranchers carving a place for themselves in the chilly but fertile soil of the grasslands; sailors stopping for supplies at Razza City's lovely harbour; dwarves ready to seek their fortune in the western mountains; even Warriors and Alchemists seeking training from the guilds of Razza.

Due to a clever trade loop between the gnomen village of Asyra, the dwarven mountain town Dhor Dal, the duchy of Orbul, Razza City, and the rolling meadows of Grasslands itself, the region needs to import very little from other areas. What little they do import leads to intense speculation, "Just what do they do with all that sail?" That mystery is beyond the scope of this guide. We do know that Grasslands is Xyllomer's leading exporter of grapes - no sweeter is to be found anywhere - and the wine is quickly gaining favor in many pubs.

But perhaps Grasslands' greatest export is its philosophy. Centaurs may be dying out, but the mark they have left on Xyllomer is indelible. A centaurian feeling of fairness and friendliness pervades Grasslands, and it remains one of the few places in Xyllomer where the citizens truly reign. The judge is elected by the citizens, and the judges of Grasslands, past and present, are known far and wide for their beauty and wisdom. Many people immigrate to the Grasslands from other parts, seeking a refuge from tyranny and theocracy.

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Geography of Grasslands

Razza is situated to the northeast of the continent of Primordia. As home of the Razza Warriors, the only free warrior guild in the world, as well as the Alchemist Guild, it is a frequently travelled city with a major port. Razza is also the town of the home builders, where you can go to order your own home to be built. The shiplines of Razza are listed below.

Shiplines frequenting Razza Harbour:


  • Razza
  • Padorn
  • Atlantis
  • Razza


  • Razza
  • Tortoise
  • Lonar
  • Atlantis Harbour
  • Padorn
  • Razza


  • Razza
  • Tortoise
  • Razza

Razza City is bordered on the west by a prairie, on the east and south by the ocean, and on the north by forest. Due to the area's climate, pleasant green grasses cover the prairie around Razza, hence the region is known as the Grasslands. A few castles lie scattered in the woods north and northwest of Razza, as well as several small huts and buildings. A path leads north through the forest for a while, but it is advised not to wander too far north, as you can easily lose your way there.

In the foothills bordering the prairie to the northwest of Razza lies a small gnomen village with the name of Asyra where you might find some specialties. The prairie itself is blooming with herbs of all sorts that the careful observer may spot, and wild animals are frequently seen roaming about, munching on the sweet grasses.

A wide, paved road leads from Razza west and southwest to a crossing in the prairie. You can turn south along the coast towards the great City of Padorn. The road is long, but is a very scenic trip. For those too weary to walk, a coach makes the trip several times daily. If you turn northwest at the crossing, following the road to the west you will soon reach a valley that leads you up into the mountains until you reach the dwarven city of Dhor Dal, while you can find Asyra if you follow the road north.

Visible at the northern edge of the plains is a most stunning mountain range: their distant, hazy peaks, perennially snow capped, point menacingly at the sky. Ancient texts have been handed down through generations which mention the mountains, referring to them as the 'Chandric Dentae' mountains. These words come from an ancient language, meaning 'Shark Teeth'. Early prospects indicate that the mountains are volcanic and teeming with savage creatures.

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