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Elohim is a domain of forests and has been the home of the Elven people on Xyllomer throughout all recorded history. Although in the common language of xyllic its name is Lake, this domain is more usually called by its elven name which in the elven tongue if zida'ya means "beautiful home". It is situated to the south of Padorn on the great continent of Primordia. Most of the area is covered by wild forests, tame during the day, but becoming threatening and sometimes dangerous at night.

Although it is bordered by the sea on three sides there is no official harbour in Elohim and thus none of the registered shiplines stop there on their routes. There are however a number of places where you can anchor your ship at the beach and even in the lake if you sail up the river to reach it.

The most travelled route to Elohim is along the lakeside path from Padorn with the dark forest to the east. Through the dark forest to the coast of the great eastern sea - known to the elves as "Moreau Haldraeth": the "sea of sunrise" - is a simple enough trip during the daytime, so long as you look where you are going and avoid the firegiants' grove. At night however it is a harder journey as the forest becomes unfamiliar, populated by many dangerous creatures.

Following the lakeside path leads on through the light forest and over the crystal river or in zida'ya "Staja Ame", to the centre of Elohim and to the great tree that houses much of the Elven community and the main temple of Dualdin. The light forest spreads out to the east and west of this central point, east to the lighthouse that keeps ships from the dangerous rocks of the coast and west almost to Aldea, the pirate town although the way is blocked by mountains. Following the western shore of the lake another route leads out of Elohim to the north until it reaches the Padorn plains.

The western part of Elohim is covered by the ancient forest which is sacred to the elves. A mountain range blocks the way to the western coast however. It is rumoured that it is possible to pass those mountains under ground, yet the route is dangerous and guarded jealously by pirates. This might even provide some connection to the pirate city of Aldea Morir.

There are also rumours of a huge system of caves, inhabited by monsters and dark elves, beneath Elohim, yet few who would venture there have returned alife to tell of those.

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