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The Stone Mountains

On the continent of Primorida, to the northwest of Padorn and within the mountain range that is known in the common tongue as Stone Mountains, the ancient dwarven city of Dalzungund is located. Generations of dwarves have worked and lived here. The halls of the underground city are well lit with torches and crafted by the finest dwarven masons.

The city is seat to the Judge Office of Stone Mountains which traditionally is held by a member of the dwarven community. The racial guild of the smiths is located here as well and has great influence among the citizens and even within the lawmaking process.

The dwarves of Stone Mountains take pride in their strong sense of unity, which is supported by a number of unwritten laws, for example that no dwarf shall harm another within the city limits or that all guild and religious quarrel is to be left at the citygates. The peace in Dalzungund is ensured by the ceaseless guard and protection of the members of the dwarven society.

Speaking of religion; the lower levels of the city hold a shrine dedicated to the goddess Swarnigul who is revered by all dwarves, regardless of their religion.

In former times, the Clerics of Rokoon and the Moeth-Tortoise Bards had outposts within the city, but those have been abandoned over time.

The focus of cultural life centers around the infamous pub XTC with its famous menu; including the notorious dish 'elven ears'. It is rumoured that the bar is also a front for the FAE or Federation Against Elves, although this has not been conclusively proven. While racial tensions have lessened somewhat, members of the elven race might want to be careful there.

The city has a direct connection to the mines, which, although partly depleted, are still a source of steady income to the miners, who find gems and mithril alongside the more common silver. There are rumours of the occasional stray orc or kobold, but those are quickly dealt with by watchful citizens and guards.

Bordering on the southern edges of the mountains, a large swamp poses an almost impassable and dangerous obstacle. To the southeast, the lush fields of Padorn border on the region, while a road heads northeast, past the ruins of Tilverton, on to Razza and New Tilverton.

A human settlement by the name of Hart's Village was established on the northern edges of the mountains, next to a deep sea harbour which is located closte to the gates of the large castle of Hart. Long ago the two famous heroes, Hart and Astradyne, drove the evil magician Toran out of the valley and built this stronghold, which is now no longer inhabitated and often orcs take over the premises. A visit to the castle should not be attempted by anyone unprepared for combat. However, there are secrets within its walls that are well worth discovering.

The 'Hart's Inn' is well known for its barkeep's dolour and as the place to go for a good game of blackjack.

Content updated with help from Neko Stonebeard (16.2.303 A.F.) - May2006


Travel reports

Fields of Stone Mountains

Leaving Padorn through the west gate I walk westwards on a small and dusty road. To the left and right I can see big fields, a lot of fruits and vegetables are growing there. In the far distance to the north I can see huge mountains rising there. I continue to walk on the road and finally reach a branch. There is a sign here pointing south to Elohim Forest, well, I don't want to go there today so I head north.

On my left hand now the Crystal River runs silently from north to south. Perhaps I will be able to buy a small boat once and ride a journey on it, but not today. There are a lot of travellers on the road, one of them, a dwarf. He carries heavy mining equipment and suddenly he stops me: "Ho traveller, do you want to visit our people?" I nod. "Fine, just continue to walk on this road, in a few minutes you will reach a branch, a small path runs up the Mountains there. Take it and you will directly enter our caves there." So I do as he instructs me.

Eris, male human (Padorn, 3.2.240 AF)



In order to visit our homeland, you must climb up a path from the Padorn road and then continue straight north until you reach the Great Hall of Stone Mountains. The hall is huge, and like all Dwarvish constructions, well organized. The corridors of the hall are laid out north south, east west. Visitors tell me that it is easy to find one's way around. On the walls are many epic paintings showing the story of the Dwarves of Stone Mountains.

Although sunlight never penetrates our home, the halls and tunnels are well lit by many torches. As you explore the hall, you will see many shops trading in the crafts of dwarfish smiths. No visit to our home is complete unless you stop for a meal at the XTC, a classic Dwarvan pub. You can purchase a simple meal of dwarvish stew and strong beer (my favorite) or, you can dine on more exotic fare. The XTC is always filled with dwarves drinking, singing and telling funny stories. Following the hall north from the XTC you will pass a mining outfitter. Further north the tunnels become more complicated and lead to more small shops and residences.

If you continue north you will reach the mines. Although the mine appears abandoned , you may notice that any dwarves carrying mining equipment appear well-fed. Although I prefer the darkness of the mine, visitors would be well advised not to leave the lighted areas without exercising caution.

Trag, Miner in Stone Mountains, male dwarf (Stone Mountains, 20.4.241 AF)


A small village

Today I decided to visit friends in a little village some miles away from my home in the Stone Mountains, so I leave our caves and head north on a nearly endless path through the mountains. The mountains are blocking the way west and east, so I cant get lost here. As I climbed a very high mountain I can see a valley to the west.

Inmidst that valley lies Harts Village where my friends live. About hundred years ago Hart and Astradyne have driven the evil magician Toran out of the valley where now the village has been built. After a short rest I go on with my travel. The first Building I reach is the most important one - at least I think so - it's Hart's Inn.

Before I continue my walk I better drink a pint of ale and play some rounds of blackjack to relax a bit - you know we dwarfs are always very thirsty and walking long distances with our short legs is quite exhausting. After some pints I leave the inn and go west. South of the mainroad is the local trading post, where the owner provides for the need of villagers and travellers alike. North and south of the road are farmhouses and shops. 

My friends live in the middle of the village - ok I have to admit my friends are only one friend and it's a nice human woman. Since her husband died I visit her sometimes to repair her house and to help her a bit on the farm. In exchange she cuts my beard, so that I don't stumble over it all the time.

Further to the west a dark forest starts, only few people dare to enter it. The only one who lives there near Harts Castle is a wood cutter. After helping my friend I visit the local teamster to rent a centaur, cause I don't want to walk the whole way back, I really get angry as I hear, that he still only has normal horses to rent.

Gunder, male dwarf (Stone Mountains, 16.14.240 AF)


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