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Description of the World Xyllomer

Xyllomer's domains

The world of Xyllomer is formed by some continents, parted by vast oceans. These continents are home to some or only one nation/realm/region, the so called domains.

The guilds in Xyllomer

Guilds are institutions where players can improve their skills, meet people of the same view of life or gain other advantages. For example you can learn some magic spells at the mages-guild or train your fighting skills at one of the fighting-schools. Usually you are told about the guild's advantages and aims in the specific guild-office, where you can also join the guild. You must join the guild to be allowed to use its services, but there are also some schools which you need not to join.

Note, that you can't join every guild as you wish. Some guilds and their leadership expect you to apply for being accepted into their ranks. Therefor you have to contact members of this guild, talk to its leadership, in short: roleplay to convince this particular guild and its leadership that you are worthy to be accepted into this guild.

You can be member in several guilds at one time, but you cannot choose every combination of guilds you might want, because some of them don't let you join if you are member somewhere this guild doesn't like.

In the guild-office you can also leave the guild at any time with a few guild related skills could be HALVED or even removed depending on the situation. You may also lose experience points. And there are guilds which you can't leave the very moment you want to. These bind their members with strong bonds of religion or whatever else. They are a one-way-ticket, and it would cost you quite some effort that they let you go.

So choose the guild you wish to join with care. So called 'guild hopping' is not explicitely forbidden, but frowned upon by many.

There are the following guilds:

Occupational guilds

Layman guilds

Race guilds

The books of the Law

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