Xyllomers own machine

This page will contain information on how to donate for Xyllomers own machine. Further information is avaiable inside Project Xyllomer.

I am happy to announce that Astradyne got the permission to place a machine owned by the Xyllomer Club into Uni-Paderborn. This permission can be revoked at any time, of course, but it is not likely it will be done before Astradyne leaves the University. This means we will soon post details on how to donate money for the machine.

We hope everybody gives as much as possible, but there will be no fee for using this system in the future. Donating does of course not result in any advantages for you except that your name will appear on the list of people that donated. If you do not want to be on this list, just state it when you transfer the money and you wont.

There will be an account in Germany and one in the USA to collect the money, so people from overseas safe the costs of a tranfer to Germany.

After a while we will post a note here stating how much money we got and everyone will be asked to offer a machine for this money. Details on this will follow in time.

We are looking forward to a fast, lagless System here, its a happy day for us all.


Quezcal already announced the most important things in one of the notes above, I just want to remind you of a few things:

1. This system is currently running at the University of Paderborn. To be more precise: the reason why we still exist is that Astradyne has a job there. We are running on one of their machines which is connected to the internet. This permission can be removed at any time!

2. The machine we are running at the moment is much too slow.

These were the two main reasons why we wanted to buy an own machine, find a site where we can connect it to the net and why we founded a club.

Now the University of Paderborn (namely Astradynes' boss) has allowed us to place an own machine there. This permission still can be removed at any time! Nevertheless it is better than the current situation, at least we won't occupy one of their computers anymore. and of course our own machine will be much faster than the one we have at the moment (and that means: Less lag!)

To buy the machine we need money of course, we want you to donate a small amount. Of course we won't force anyone to do it and there will be no fee in future to use this system! And your char(s) will have no personal advantage if you donate something (no xp and no artifacts, sorry ;), but perhaps you have more fun here if everything goes a little faster. If you donate something we will put your name on a plaque (and hide this plaque somewhere in the ooc-area;-)

What we want you to do now:

1. Think about it and decide to donate loadsa money! Remember: the more money we get, the faster the machine we can buy, the less lag we will have (perhaps we could even allow more players to log in at the same time, means no queue anymore!)

2. Go to your bank and fill out a transfer form

3. Right after it send me a mail and tell me how much you transfered (just to have a better overview) including your real name so I can check if the money has arrived after some days.

At the moment there are two accounts available. One in Germany and one in the United States. If you connect from somewhere else in the world and you have problems to transfer money to one of these accounts or they tell you that there will be a huge fee for it, please tell me, perhaps we could find a better solution then (i.e. first collecting the money in your country and then doing only one international transfer after that).

We plan to stop collecting money on December, 23rd 1995, so hurry up! After we know how much money we have available we will ask you again to offer machines for this amount. More information on this topic later.


And now the most important things, the accounts:


Volksbank Braunschweig eG, Blz: 270 900 77, Kto: 222 695, Inh.: Bernd Brinkmann, Zweck: Rechnerkauf


US Bank, Pullman Branch, ABA# 125000105 holder: Michael Feise acc.# 1560022244 (see below for more information about this)

Hiya happy Mudders!

If you have decided to spend some money on our new machine and you prefer to save some fees so you can spend a little more money on the machine, this might be of interest to you - if you are in North America!

As i am in the US for an exchange year until summer I currently have bank accounts in Germany as well as in the US. This gives us the opportunity to save quite a bit of transfering fees. I will just transfer the apropriate amount from my account in Germany to the Xyllomer account (at the exchange rate of the day and without fees!).

Account info: US Bank, Pullman Branch, ABA# 125000105 holder: Michael Feise acc.# 1560022244

Please don't wire-transfer the money ($20 fee!), but check with your bank if you can send a cashier-check or what other possibility there is to save any fees.

Please make sure I get your name and the purpose/note:xyllomer, so I know who send the money and that it belongs to the club/mud!

If you want to ask US Bank how you can save the fees call their toll free number (USA) 1-800-US-BANKS or 1-800-872-2657. This is an 24-hour service, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Please also notify me of the transfer via email at mfeise@physdec.physics.wsu.edu

Happy mudding!


This is the officially recommended way for people from the US.


After collecting money for 2 weeks now you altogether already donated 2500 DM (1700 US$). That's quite good for that short period of time (and some money is still 'underway' due to slow working banks). However it would be great if we could get 5000 DM altogether (better 6000 DM) to buy a nice machine with much less lag than the current one (because some people asked, a machine for that price would have around 5 or 6 times the speed (perhaps more) than we have at the moment!).

After three weeks we now have reached over 3800 DM (2600 US$). So finally it seems we will make it to buy our own computer (noone really doubt this, I think). It would be still fine if we would reach the 5000 DM limit (better 6000 DM or more) to buy a really fast and lagless machine. So if Santa comes to you and hands you some plats and you really don't know what to do with them: DONATE! You may even donate money which wasn't brought to you by him! HURRY UP! ;-)

We will continue collecting for a while, at least until January 15th 1996. So if you didn't donate yet and you want to do it, take a look at the www-pages or look at the boards in the OOC-area.

Tagor (Dec 18th, 1995)

We are now up to about 6000 DM, but still need more! Donate NOW! Details on the machine we plan to buy will be available soon, offers are currently collected. Quezcal, 15.01.96

Finally we got around 6500 DM. The accounts are still available so if you can still donate if you want to. If we get more money we could upgrade memory later if the lag starts to grow again. We hope to have the new machine running until the middle of the next month.

Tagor (Jan 23rd, 1996)

The new machine was ordered. After long discussions we decided to buy a PC. It will be a Pentium 133 with 64 MB of memory and a 2 GB harddisk. If no problems occur the mud will move to the new machine around the 15th of next month. The mud will probably be down for two or three days during the change. More informations will be available here as soon as possible.

Tagor (Jan 30th, 1996)