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What are Wizards?

Wizards are the guys and gals who keep this mud running. Wizards are the people who maintain the existing content of the game and add to it.
Usually, they came to Xyllomer as players. So you see, Wizards are basically ordinary people, just like you and I.

What is required to become wizard?

Basically, absolutely nothing! But...

Well, there is one prerequisite: you should have spent some time in Xyllomer as mortal so you know your way around.

Further, you should be a teamplayer with the urge to contribute to existing code and structures. You should understand that wizards do not continue their mortal's agendas on a higher level. This implies that you won't code for your or your friends' mortal(s), but for all mortals. Unless you move into the position of Domainlord/lady etc., you are not a Game Master.

It should be stressed that no previous knowledge of programming languages, computers or coding is required! If you can type, you can learn how to code, and we will help you with it.

Usually, everyone who does not have an extensive record of cheating or unfair-play will be allowed to become wizard. Sometimes, if several players apply for wizard at the same time, there may be a queue.

What does it mean for my mortal characters if I become wizard?

Basically, nothing. Neither are you required to retire your mortal characters, nor are there any advantages or disadvantages for them.

However, wizard's mortal characters usually don't hold high positions in guild hierarchies or worldly politics and should step down from those offices.

Furthermore, wizards should pose as good example concerning the rules of the game and fairness of players towards each other. Players usually see wizards as ambassadors of the game creators and should accordingly keep in mind the responsibility to be part of the staff.

There are a set of additional rules you will learn once you've become wizard. In addition, newly created wizards can not access their mortal characters for a certain amount of time (usually three months).

So how do I become wizard?

Write a mail to admin(at)xyllomer(dot)de stating your wish to become wizard. Additionally, we'd like to know:

  • why you want to become wizard
  • if there are special areas you want to contribute to, and if yes, which (for example if you want to code for a specific guild or a domain)
  • if you are experienced with programming languages and/or mud coding, and if yes, which (please note: this is not a requirement. Knowledge of programming languages will in no way speed up the application process or the chance of acceptance as wizard)

    Last update by Katakis, June 2002

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