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About the voting at www.topmudsites.com:

The mud ranking list at www.topmudsites.com is an opportunity to give Xyllomer a higher profile and name recognition among mudders.

Here are a few excerpts to show how the voting works (taken directly from the rules section):

How do I vote?

When you click on the vote button on another web site it takes you to a page asking if you'd like to enter the Top MUD Sites. If you enter, you will have cast a vote for the site you just came from.


How often can I vote?

Your vote will count only once every 12 hours. For the most part, the script will stop someone from inflating their votes. If I catch you cheating, I'll give you a warning, then suspend you, then ban you from the list. The integrity of this site is based on the fact that cheating will not get you to the top, and that the rankings are as fair as they can be.

Please abide by the rules of the voting, vote often and plentiful. ;-)

Last update by Katakis, April 2002

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