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You've been invited to a fantasy convention? You're visiting a games fair? You discovered a roleplaying society? Let others know about Xyllomer!

For this purpose, Blue was so nice to design this artwork for a flyer/poster to print out and pin to a notice-board or even glue to your car window. The flyer is available in colour and black/white.

The thumbnails and the sneak previews at the separate pages are of much lower quality than the downloadable zipped files. The zipped image files are in the tif format, this to ensure the very best quality when printing them out. Thank you Blue, for your help to create professional and stylish posters!

To download a zip file containing either a color or black and white printable version of the posters, click on either thumbnail below. Should your browser not start to download the zip file automatically, then rightclick on the thumbnail and use the option save target as... You can also follow the links to the right to preview a larger version of the images, just to see how nice they are.

Xyllomer Avertisement
(6,53 MB)

Xyllomer Avertisement - Black and White
(2,03 MB)

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