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Axelle's homepage - Backgrounds, logfiles and more related to Axelle, Atlantis grey magician.

Birgit Nietsch's Xyllomer pages - Logfiles and background information about my characters, especially Crotal o Biscia, a priest of Huitzilopochtli.

Blue's Xyllomer Pages - Information on Blue, psionics, and other things.

Goliant, Warrior of Asgoth - Background, logs and PO-Stuff.

Karan's Xyllomerian Gallery - A portrait gallery of all those Xyllomerian characters you know and love!

The Home of Irish Xyllomer. Great Logs! - This is a nice portal to the world of Irish Xyllo mudders. It contains logs from many different guilds and some feature the great heros Worf and Gemini.

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