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Rules of Xyllomer

This file is intended to be guideline to clarify several topics that have appeared frequently on the boards. This is NOT the up-to-date rule file. Read help rules in the help section for that.

The general principles along which this mud is run are:

  • Immortals should interfere as little as possible in the affairs of the Mortals.
  • Mortals can do what they want as long as they do not:
    • cheat.
    • ruin the game, or parts thereof, for the enjoyment of others.
    • harass - sexually or otherwise - other players.
  • Enforcement of rules is entirely up to the discretion of the arches and keepers. Even here, interference from the arches and keepers will be kept to the absolute minimum possible.
  • Use your common sense, play fair, enjoy and let others enjoy the game! Show that you are mature enough to live in a (virtual) world with few rules!
  • Agreement:
    Xyllomer e.V. keeps the right to do anything they please with all data input from and output of Padermud. They have the right to allow and disallow any connections and data transfers to and from Project Xyllomer.
    This system is for the use within the guildlines laid out in these rules only.

    Individuals using this computer system without authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject to having all of their activities on this system monitored and recorded by system personnel.

    In the course of monitoring individuals improperly using this system, or in the course of system maintenance, the activities of authorized users may also be monitored.

    Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity or breaking of these rules, system personnel may use the evidence of such monitoring and in case of need provide it to law enforcement officials.

    If you do not like this do not connect to this machine.


In order to learn about the hierarchy among the immortals, click here.

One of the basic rules for immortals in Xyllomer is that they are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the mortals. To this rule there are some exceptions:

  • Help:
    Any immortal may offer information on how to play the game, i.e. how the mechanics of the game work, which commands are available, etc. Hints on quests, where to find equipment, etc. is expressly forbidden.
  • Bugs:
    If you encounter a bug, please use the 'bug' command to report it!
    If the bug prevents you from continuing to play, any immortal may help you so that you are able to continue playing. Immortals below the level of Emperor are *not* allowed to restore equipment, money, skills, or experience. Any restorations or modifications of experience, equipment, skills, money, etc. should be handled by the Archwizards and Emperors.
  • General policy:
    If you loose equipment because of a bug it will usually be replaced by the Playerarch.
    After system-crashes and system-bugs only guilditems, artefacts and money are restored. No compensation for other items you carried. This is a service to help keeping the crashes from beeing to hard, if this is misused there will be no compensation again. Do not try to cheat. Please try to keep requests for restauration at a minimum. The Playerarch has other duties as well.
  • Commune all:
    Read the help on 'commune'! Heed the warning!
    WARNING: Sending up prayers when not assailed by serious bugs may result in divine retribution instead of divine intervention.
    Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards -
    for they are subtle and quick to anger.
    A serious bug is one that prevents you from continuing to play! All others should be reported by 'bug', not by 'commune'. Use of 'commune all' without justification can be the equivalent to committing suicide.
  • Socializing is acceptable only if it is done on your terms. Your right to privacy and enjoyment of the game must be respected. Please refrain from asking immortals for help that they are not allowed to give!

Player Killing

Player killing is not encouraged within Xyllomer, yet it is not forbidden. If you are killed by a fellow player, do not expect some divine intervention to punish the killer or to restore your character. You may, of course, ask any mortal(s) for help, however. Most players in Xyllomer frown upon player killing, and many experienced players are willing to protect others against player killers. Some might even be willing to help if you are planning to take revenge. And, there is still the judge where you can accuse the playerkiller.


There are no fixed rules what is considered to be cheating. But use your common sense. Any behaviour which is detrimental to the game, to its overall balance, or that which is apt to ruin the game for other players might provoke the intervention of the archwizards, if driven to extremes. Whether such an intervention takes place or not is solely up to the discretion of the archwizards and keepers. If you think that this is unfair, well, so is life! Moreover, the archwizards have much more important things to do than playing 'mud police.'

If you are not sure if something fits this very vague definition of cheating, ask an archwizard.

Using more than one character at the same time

You are allowed to create as many characters as you choose, but you should be in the game with only one of them at a time. There should be no interaction between your separate characters, so do not, for example, leave money with one character in a room for another to find, or use another character as a spy in another guild. It is _strictly forbidden_ to log in more than one character.


Player-owned boats, in their currently incomplete state, are not to be abused. Other players cannot get access to you when you are on the ship unless you let them. Using ships for transportation is okay, but using them with ANY intention of staying away from other people is not allowed. (This includes simply wanting to go idle.)

Exploiting bugs

Don't! Use 'bug' to make a bug report instead, or send mail to the responsible wizard.

If you do exploit a bug to gain experience, equipment, money, skills, or anything else, all this (and possibly more) can be taken away from you by an archwizard.


It is forbidden to give information on how to solve quests away or use such information. Failiure to obey this will result in immediate removal form the game and could even result in the total banishment of your site to stop cheating. To give little hints if someone is stuck is ok, Quest runthroughs are not.

Language, harassing other players

Players can say whatever they like, as long as it doesn't constitute harassment of other players. Anyone harassing other players, sexually or otherwise, is not welcome on Xyllomer and may be dealt with severely.


Measures against players violating this minimal set of rules to the detriment of the game will be taken according to the discretion of the archwizards. Repeated offenses could lead to the immediate suspension of your character and possibly to your being expelled from the game. In case of such a drastic action, the archwizards must also consider possible actions of revenge from you and they might deem it necessary to exclude your site entirely from the game.


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