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Welcome to Xyllomer

Welcome to the homepage of Xyllomer, a MUD* ...
... where mighty warriors battle fierce dragons,
... where teams of mages fight back against evil necromancers,
... where clerics struggle to push back the tides of evil,
... where magic and miracles are part of the every day life,
... where gnomes and centaurs live door to door,
... where magical potions are brewed by the skilled herbalist,
... where skillfull smiths create the finest armours and weapons, and
... where you can find a pot of gold around the next corner, or your worst nightmare, just waiting for you.

On Xyllomer your imagination will carry you into an alternate reality, where you can slip into a different life for a while.

Xyllomer offers a huge, complex world in a fantasy setting, where roleplay is strongly emphasized. We don't have any global channels or shouts, but a wide variety of guilds, items which can be highly personalized, horses, trading, player-owned houses and ships. It is entirely up to you if you partake in the constant struggle of the 'good' vs. the 'dark' side, thus risking your life in the hope your god may protect you - or if you prefer to stand aside and dedicate your time to music and beer, peacefully study the arcane art of magic, or train your mind until you are in perfect control of your body.

The world governs itself through the players, which elect judges, create the law and live the role. Xyllomer is free to play!

Be a part of this! Join us on Xyllomer.

Xyllomer Forum

Here you can ask questions about the game if you have not yet created a character. Furthermore players can discuss internal game topics in the forum, however to get access to that part of the discussion you need to register with your character name and the email adress under which you have registered your character name.

Technically speaking...

... Xyllomer is an English language LP MUD running on DGD. It used to be hosted on a physical base at the University of Paderborn in Germany. The MUD machine was owned independantly of the university by an international club made up from past and present players and wizards. In the last years the machine was moved to be hosted by one of the admins.

* The Mud Concept

A MUD can take on many forms. However, common between all muds is the ability for many people to interact within the game at the same time. MUD is the acronym for Multi User Dungeon. As the name implies, the first MUDs were set in a fantasy environment. Even though many still are, it is far from the only environment possible, and today the acronym often also stands for Multi User Dimension.

What kind of world you play in is entirely up to the administrators of the game to decide. It can be anything from a science fiction universe in the far future to a medieval world with castles and dungeons. This particular world, Xyllomer, is set in a medieval fantasy environment.

You play the role of an adventurer. As you explore the world you will meet other adventurers set out to complete quests, engage in combat, or just to meet new people.

It is up to you to choose your friends and enemies. As you treat others, they are likely to treat you. Some creatures may prove hard to deal with and some might be willing to trade. A few will flee as you approach while others will stay and fight. As you gain experience as an adventurer you will get better at the skills that you choose to practise. Whether to wield powerful magic or lethal weapons, is again your choice.

Maybe you wish to do both...

Never use more than one character at the same time!

You are allowed to create as many characters as you like, but you are allowed to be in the game with only one of them at a time. There must be no interaction between your separate characters. So do not, for example, leave money with one character in a room for another to find, or use another character as a spy in another guild.
It is strictly forbidden to log in more than one character. If you want to log in another character there has to be a pause of not playing of at least 30 minutes. If you log in your second character earlier, both chars will be deleted

How to join the fun

Xyllomer can be reached with telnet at the address:

mud.xyllomer.de 3000

It happens from time to time that people forget the port number (3000). Please check it before contacting admin, asking for help.

If you have any problems concerning Xyllomer or connecting to it, mail to the Administration.