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Xyllomer's Mail System

To read or send mail, just go into a post office and type mail.

Sending mail

If you simply want to send a mail to someone, type
m name
within the mailreader. If you want to send mail to several folks, type
m name1 name2 name3...
You will then be asked the subject, and afterwards you're entering the editor.

If you write another mail, you will be asked if you want to include the old text. This was built in for the case you tried to send a LONG mail to some unknown recipient.

Reading mail

In mail mode, just type l to see what messages you have. To read a message, just type its number. Like in the old mailreader, you can move using n (next) and p (previous), or use . to show the last message again.

Replying and forwarding mail

To simply reply a message, that means sending a mail to the author, type r <number>. The subject will be Re: plus the old subject. You can include the old message by using R instead of r.

If the mail you want to reply to has multiple recipients, you can f <num> (followup = group reply) to all other recipients, or F to include the old message.

To forward a message, type z <num> <to>, for example "z 17 kult".

Deleting messages

To delete messages, you will have to mark them first. Marking works like this:

  • To mark a single message, type d 17
  • To mark all messages from 3 to 9, type d 3-9
  • You can combine both, for example d 1 4 7-9 13 15-18 21

After you have marked them, type # to expunge them from your folder.

If you have marked wrong messages, you can un-mark them using the u command which works like d.

Using mail aliases

You can setup mail aliases. For example, you can alias friends to player1, player2, player3, and each time you send a mail to friends, those three players will get your mail. Type a to edit your alias list. It must have the format:

  person1 person2 person3 person4
  person5 person6

There are some pre-defined aliases, like "arch", "lord" or "Grasslands" which will be evaluated automatically.


You can set the following options:

  • M to toggle displaying using 'more'
  • H to toggle showing header when reading a message
  • C to toggle Cc:
  • O to show your current set options

Leaving the mailreader

To quit reading mail, just type q.

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