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Here's a short version of a concept with the goal to explain the world of Xyllomer as it has been discussed among the wizards, and which has been chosen to serve as the technical background in which anything will have to fit. Yet, if you have ideas, criticism or whatever, here you get the opportunity to read about what is going on.

The World/The Creation    ::top

The multiverse, in which Xyllomer exists can be seen as an infinite number of concentric spheres. A sphere is an equivalent to what others call 'dimension', yet it describes the concept a bit better.

In the centre of the multiverse is what we call the 'centre of creation', a point of absolute order (actually, it is not 'a' point, but for each 'element' there exists a point, yet all are virtually in the same place. The centre of creation is the origin of creation which will not be described furthermore (yet, AO - which all know as THE creator is possibly either the centre or the being having created it (for whatever purpose not even the wizards know ;-)).

The opposite to the creation is the void where nothing exists. Between these two poles, the spheres are existing. A sphere is a 'plane of existance', which is delimited to other spheres by a so-called 'Empyreum', a protective layer keeping everything what is on this sphere in, and what is outside of it out.

The closer a sphere is to the centre of creation, the more orderly it is. The higher its distance, the more the powers of void mix elements, and the more chaotic a sphere gets. Xyllomer itself is a plane, right in the middle between both of the poles, where the elements mix in a good degree, and it is the 'battlefield' of chaos vs. order.

The elemental-spheres (those between Xyllomer and the centre of creation) are the home to elemental-beings, which can be summoned by magical powers, breaking through the Empyreum. Same applies to demonic creatures, which are at home in the planes of chaos between Xyllomer and the void. Yet, summonings only break temporarly through the Empyreum, making it usually impossible for those creatures to stay very long on Xyllomer. Xyllomer is far enough away from the center to allow matter to exists, and worlds to form, but close enough to the center to allow the 'laws of nature' and sentinent beings to exist.

Deities    ::top

Deities are present on Xyllomer through the manifested will of their followers. Without followers a deity has no access to a given plane (sphere) of existance, without any followers a deity may even be forgotten. Deities are bound to the plane(s) they have followers on, limiting their area of influence in comparison to elementals/demons. The contrary is true for the powers of gods/demons. Gods have a much greater influence on their plane than any other single being. As long as there are followers they're immortal, and their powers always replenished.

More on deities see here.

Magic/Necromancy    ::top

Spells/Summonings: Magic can be defined as the power of creation, so magicians use and shape the powers radiating from the inner spheres to create their spell-effects. Magical summonings summon either creatures of the same plane of existance (i.e. a fenris wolf) or elementals from the planes(spheres) closer to the centre of creation.

Necromancy is the power of the void, so a necromancer draws the powers from the chaotic void. Necromantic summons either infuse the powers of the void into beings/objects of the same plane or call demons of the outer spheres.

The magical potential: The magical potential is the measurement of the 'distance' of the Xyllomerian sphere from the center. Each of the spheres naturally oscillates around a neutral position, eventually slowly drifting away from the center. They are like bubbles, with an unstable form, parts of it closer, parts of it farther away from the centre (providing the vast range of different potentials right now).

The higher the potential, the 'closer' the sphere is to the center of creation, making it easier to cast magical spells, as the 'distance' the mage has to 'cross' to use his powers is less than at a lower potential.

In opposition, it's easier to access necromantic powers when the potential is low.The potential can be affected positively by performing energize rituals (and probably will be by summoning of creatures of order, like elementals or mages creatures). The potential can be affected negatively by the casting of some specific necromantic spells, or - sometimes - by the use of necromantic powers at all.

What does this mean for your Character?    ::top

Basically nothing, as long as the character does not find any hints of that in the game. It just should help you in understanding why certain things in the world of Xyllomer are as they are. Which is mainly adressed to the problems with Bhaal, necromancy and magic. The stories which you characters know about are those the people in the past have written down to explain what was going on around them or to justify their religious goals. So, nothing is changed concerning that.


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