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Hello Traders, and everyone else interested in trading.

The new trade system:

  • You need to be registered in an area where you want to trade.
  • You need to have a separate account in every harbour you want to trade in. Money no longer travels at the speed of light.
  • You need to identify yourself with identify me as <name>, where name is your registration name in that area, before you trade. The npc who takes care of trading will remember you for a while, but when you are away for a while he will forget you.
  • All loading/unloading needs to be done explicitly.
  • All weights used are from the new Xyllomer weight system. Type to get info about the weights. The trading functions will usually diplay weights in 'b s p', barrel stone pound. The internal weights of the goods have remained the same, however.
  • There no longer exists private storage. However, up to a certain quota, you wil not be charged for using the guild storage (formerly 'general storage').
  • Some goods can no longer be loaded on ships. There are other ways to get them to a remote location. Look around in the tradeposts to find them.
  • Mammoths are available for rent at the very gererous terms of 100 cc.
  • Bank taxes are lower for trade guild members than it says on the sign. The sign lists taxes for members and non-members.
  • You may have noticed the message that the local distributors cannot afford a certain good. This is not a bug. Even though the local economy would like to have the good (hence the demand), they simply cannot afford to pay for it. This simulates that different parts of Xyllomer have different economic power. When you have this problem, eiter wait for a while, or do something so the local economy has more money. With a bit of common sense, you can figure out what to do.
  • In a similar way, tradeposts may also run out of cash. You can then no longer buy there (local distributors want cash) or withdraw money from there. This is just like a real bank that does not store all it's money as it is afraid of thieves. There are ways to fix this. Distributors not only expect cash when you buy something, they also pay cash on certain occasions.
  • Use 'storage' to check if your storage quota is exceeded. Buying a good when the storage quota is exceeded results in a fee.
  • Identify yourself with 'identify me', and your area registration is used automatically

Content by Quichotte - updated by Nube 2007

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