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Character creation

Before you log onto Xyllomer, you should take care to read through the various sections, the gameplay section is especially useful if you are new to mudding and Xyllomer.

Never use more than one character at the same time!

You are allowed to create as many characters as you like, but you are allowed to be in the game with only one of them at a time. There must be no interaction between your separate characters. So do not, for example, leave money with one character in a room for another to find, or use another character as a spy in another guild.
It is strictly forbidden to log in more than one character. If you want to log in another character there has to be a pause of not playing of a least 30 minutes. If you log in a second earlier both characters will be removed.


Xyllomer can be reached with telnet at the address:

mud.xyllomer.de 3000.

It happens from time to time that people forget the port number (3000). Please check it before contacting admin, asking for help.

Although using the links above is possible, most people prefer using a client instead of a blank telnet. And very often people ask, which client they can use and where it can be found. A long list of mudclients can be found at the mudconnectors website. A popular client for linux/unix is tinyfugue, for windows zmud or gmud are widely used.

Creating an account

Before you are able to log a character on to play the game, you will have to create an account. This is a lot simpler than it sounds.

Example of how it will look when you log on for the first time:

Enter your charactername to gain access, or "@name" to access the OOC-Area.
To create a new character enter a valid email-address and follow the

What is your name: your@email.here
The emailaddress 'your@email.here' is not yet existing as player account.
Are you sure this is correct ? y
Creating new accout.....
A mail containing your password has been prepared and will be sent to your
email address (might take about 1/2h ). See you then!
> %%% Disconnected from server.

You will be able to log into the tutorial with your character now, the password will be shown to you upon creation. From there you can read ingame help, try out some of the commands and also ask for help on the new character line, to be used with @nline 'text' .

After the creation a mail should arrive shortly, confirming if your character has been approved and with further instructions.

What if you don't get a mail from us?

- Don't panic!

- An hour has passed, and you still don't have your mail? We're very sorry, but sometimes our mailer doesn't get through to your mail server, for unknown reasons. This can be helped!

- Write a mail to us, best with "Xyllomer" in the topic, and adressed to admin (AT) xyllomer (DOT) de. We also get the mails through the link below, but we do get a LOT of spam, which is why we have to filter heavily. We will do our best to help you, as soon as we get the mail.

- You can also post a note at the Forum , asking for help, but you need to register there as well.

- You can also contact us, if you have created a character, and you have not received a mail after a day has passed. Please bear with us, since we still do need the manual accepting process, this means a real person has to check your application. (We also do sleep on odd days or work.)

NEW: You can log into the tutorial with your character, from here you can try to ask about your character approval on the new player line @nline 'text' or you can @commune one of the wizards, please keep in mind that this should remain an option for situations which keep you from playing, however, since the wizards are usually busy coding for the game.

Logging into the game or into your account

Logging on again a while later you continue with your character generation. You will get the same question but this time you will get asked for your password.

Enter your charactername to gain access, or "@name" to access the OOC-Area.
To create a new character enter a valid email-address and follow the

What is your name: your@email.here
Please enter your password: yourpasswordhere
Xyllomer - Player Account Manager V0.1.

 [P] Change password
 [E] Change your Email (disabled)
 [C] Create a new character
 [L] List your registered charaters and their state
 [R] Register an existing character
 [D] Read the Documentation/Help files
 [Q] Quit

Your choice: C

Character Creation

From here you will proceed with your character generation, starting with choosing a name for your character. Chose this name very carefully. This is a fantasy-roleplaying game in a medieval setting. You must not chose the name of a popular rock star or TV-soap opera or something like that.

You will then be asked to choose race and some distinctive physical characteristics of your character. In Xyllomer you may chose to be an elf, human, gnome, fairy, or dwarf. Once you chose a race it will be the race of your character permanently. You will find the races explained in the 'Races' section. The next question that you will be asked is to choose your gender. Again you should chose carefully because whatever sex that you chose to be here will be permanent, there is no way to change your sex. It will also affect the way how the mud reacts to you. There are a few emotions that have a different effect on male characters from female characters, some rooms that are open to characters of one sex and closed to the other and some things in the mud will appear different depending on the sex of the person looking at it. You are also offered a wide range of physical characteristics, but chose them with care. Do they fit your race? Do they fit the image of the character you have in mind?

After this you will have the option to enter a description of your character, (this should be no more than 375 characters or five 75 character lines in length to avoid spamming the screen of those who look at your character). You then have the option to enter a history for your character. If you want to enter a detailed history, make sure it fits with the history of the world.

Following that, you will be shown a story that will give clues to you for your use in solving your very first quest. The stories also will provide some information about your race's history and culture.

Your character will look something like this after the story finishes and if you chose to look at yourself:

You are a slender young elf, presenting yourself as:
Laura, female elf.
You are very short and skinny for an elf.
You look gorgeous.
You are in good shape.
You are extremely alert.

This, of course is what my character looks like and she would appear like this to someone else looking at her:

Laura is a slender young elf, presenting herself as:
Laura, female elf.
She is very short and skinny for an elf.
She looks gorgeous.
She is in good shape.
She is extremely alert.

Of course, I only look like this because I am a female. A male character would obviously be described with the different pronouns and perhaps would look 'handsome' but not 'gorgeous'. However, characters do appear differently to each other depending on race and sex. For example, the above is how I would look to another female elf. To a male elf I would look like 'an image of perfection' and to any non-elf I would look 'beautiful'.

Note, an inappropriate or offensive name, physical characteristic(s) or description might be reason to reject a character.

Reading the Getting started page here (as well as other documents) will give you a little more information about it and hopefully help you with your choices.

If you have any problems concerning Xyllomer or connecting to it, mail to the Administration.

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