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Advanced speech

Here we have the more complex commands relating specifically to the usage and customization of your character's communication with the rest of the MUD world.

On top of the various ways of displaying your feelings, you can change the way that you speak from the default racial type using the esay command. Imagine Fred is a fairy .. his speech, in the common tongue, would appear to others as a whisper:

say: say Hello.
Fred whispers in xyllic: Hello.
Another fairy would see Fred's speech as:
Fred says in xyllic: Hello.
Fred himself would see the speech of a human as:
Jim yells in xyllic: Hello.
And the speech of a centaur as:
John thunders in xyllic: Hello.

By default, each race sees the speech of other races in a particular way, however any player can alter the presentation of their speech .. but if this is done, it ceases to be racially affected in how others see it. The command esay is used to do this.

esay: esay #thunder# Hello.
You thunder in xyllic: Hello.
All others see:
Fred thunders in xyllic: Hello.
You have to be cautious with this, for example the command:
esay #thunders# Hello.
Would be seen by all:
Fred thunderses in xyllic: Hello.

Most commands ending with 'y' such as #cry# and #say# will be given the correct ending: cries and says .. although you may find some uncommon ways of talking that don't follow the regular rules would present incorrectly.
In the same way that you can use one of the built-in adverbs with one of the shortcut emotes described earlier, you can use this to change the way that your esay is postmodified. The usage follows the form:

  esay #thunder# #angrily# What!?!
Where others would see:
Fred thunders angrily in xyllic: What!?!

This can be very useful, but is limited by the large but finite number of adverbs that are recognized by the game. What you can do is to premodify the speech command as follows:

  esay #angrily thunder#
Others would then see:
Fred angrily thunders in xyllic: What!?!

The amount of text that you can place inside the # signs is pretty well unlimited. You could for example type:

  esay #tosses his windswept hair back from his face and thunder# #angrily# What!?!
So others would see:
Fred tosses his windswept hair back from his face and thunders angrily in xyllic: What!?!

So far it is not possible to put another player's name within the # signs in an esay as you can with an emote and tell them something directly using this esay command. However there is another command that does this in a limited form.

tell This command allows you to speak directly to a particular person. Usage:
tell jim Get out of here!
Others see:
Fred says to Jim in xyllic: Get out of here!
Jim sees:
Fred says to you in xyllic: Get out of here!

You can also tell multiple people something:

  tell jim,john Get out of here!
Others see:
Fred says to Jim and John in xyllic: Get out of here!
Jim or John only see:
Fred says to you in xyllic: Get out of here!

Notice that the people that you addressed do NOT notice you were speaking to others at the same time.

There are also a set of more complex commands for using the emote system. As with these speech commands, you don't need to know them to roleplay well, but if you do know them it opens up new ways to present your character as you want them presented to others in the MUD.

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