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Advanced emotes

You can direct the longer and more detailed type of emotes to one, (or more) people. This takes a little longer to type, but it gives you far more control over how your character is presented to the world. The advanced usage works like this:

emote grins mischeviously at #jim#, then turns and smiles innocently at #john#.
Others would see:
Fred grins mischeviously at Jim, then turns and smiles innocently at John.
Jim would see:
Fred grins mischeviously at you, then turns and smiles innocently at John.
John would have a similar change to what he saw.

Obviously you can smile at a person and then, in the same emote poke them. If you like to be more gramatically correct (and obviously we all do) then instead of sending all observers the text:

Fred smiles at Jim and then pokes Jim.
You can type:
emote smiles at #jim# and then pokes #him.jim#.
Others then see:
Fred smiles at Jim and then pokes him.

This is not gender sensitive, ie: #him.jane# works for a female character too. Also, as shown above, you can direct parts of the emote to other characters.

While it is possible to work around making statements including the possessive, using only the above commands .. the functionality has been added for including possessive statements in an emote. For example:

emote pulls the hair of #jim#.
But it is more natural to pull Jim's hair, so you have the syntax:
emote pulls #jim's# hair.
Others see:
Fred pulls Jim's hair.
Jim sees:
Fred pulls your hair.

To reduce the limitations of the emote command, further functionality has been added that allows you to emote statements including the possessive. For example:

emote 's nose wrinkles in disgust.
Others would see:
Fred's nose wrinkles in disgust.

As you would expect, this command can be combined with all the features described above. There are also a set of more complex commands for using the speech system. As with these emotion commands, you don't need to know them to roleplay well, but if you do know them it opens up new ways to present your character as you want them presented to others in the MUD.

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