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Once a piece of armour is held by your character then manipulating it is very simple. As with other items it can be examined and with particularly fine examples, the details visible on the armour may sometimes be examined also.

Armour is the game term for any item of clothing or ornament that is worn upon the body. Therefore a pearl necklace or a chainmail coif would both be considered as armour, even though the pearl necklace offers no protection against damage.
It may be possible to wear a particular piece of armour over some types of armour and under others. This will usually depend upon what the armour is made from and how bulky the garment that is worn would be.

For example a chainmail shirt could be worn over a linen shirt and under a robe. However, you could not normally wear a robe underneath another robe, unless one of them was specifically designed to be worn over or under a normal robe. The places on the body that a character may wear armours are called locations, only some of these locations may actually be hit in combat.

Basically the rule is: two armours which cover the same locations, but may not be worn one over the other cannot both be worn at the same time. Pretty obvious really. A chainmail shirt is worn on the torso and on the arms. A chainmail kilt is worn on the abdomen and over the legs. These armours can be worn together. In fact a character could wear a linen shirt and a cloth kilt under them and a robe and cloak over the top without problems. But they would NOT be able to wear a platemail breastplate over the chainmail shirt.

to put on an armour:
to take off an armour:
to check protection:
to check the repair status:
wear <armourname>
remove <armourname>

And, obvious though it is .. you cannot put on an armour that fits under a piece of armour that you are currently wearing. Typing: wear all will almost certainly tell the MUD that your character wants to wear some of their armours before others that need to be worn first. For information on dealing with this problem goto the OOC section and click on the link for information on MUD clients.
The main locations that may be hit in combat on a humanoid are: the head, the left and right arm, the torso, the abdomen and the left and right leg. It is possible to be hit elsewhere, but most locations are protected by the armours worn here. The locations above may be protected by many combinations of cloth, leather and metal armours.

There are other locations that may not be hit in combat, such as: the neck, the wrists, the left and right hands, the fingers of the right and left hands, the back, the waist and the feet. The armours that can be worn on these locations may or may not protect the wearer in combat. There are rings of protection, worn on the fingers, that provide a small amount of armour to the whole body. There are also necklaces that allow the wearer to send a mental message to another mortal whom they know. There are boots which add some armour to the leg locations in combat and there are completely mundane items which the character may buy for self-decoration or for others.

Also note:

First the obvious - armours will protect you in combat when being hit. The better your armourclass the more damage an armour can absorb. Absorbing damage means that the armours can actually be damaged and need to be repaired from time to time. After a lot of repairing, armours can become so worn that more repairs don't make sense and you have to get a new armour.

Armours have also an influence on combat itself. If you wear a large amount of armours this will decrease your ability to move well in fights and make your parry/defence weaker. "A large amount" does not necessarily mean a large number of armours. It depends on type, material and weight of the armours. For example, a ring or amulet does not count in this armour load but a full metal plate does. In general, leather armours will not hinder you as much as iron armours.

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