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Combat commands

As with the standard movement and interactive commands, you will find most of the combat commands that you will need for Xyllomer come to you intuitively. They simply describe in as few words as possible, the type of action and intention that you character has in a particular combat.

These commands below are used to initiate combat with another person, player or NPC on the game. With the first command your character will attempt to cause the maximum possible damage. With the second command they will avoid causing bloodloss and cease combat when the enemy falls unconscious .. if the enemy reinitiates combat upon waking, your character will again only hit them until they fall unconscious.

kill <being>
stun <being>

The combat mode commands are used to change your intentions while combat is in progress. You may switch to killmode at any time in combat and back to stunmode without restriction. However, any hits done in killmode will continue bleeding for their normal duration, even though further blows will not extend the duration of bleeding. Note, when you are in stunmode, but attack a being with the kill-command, you will switch to killmode automatically. The same goes vice versa for being in killmode and using the stun -command.


If the character is strong enough, any item which is carried can be thrown at an enemy in combat. There are some items, like a long coat of mail or a sledgehammer that the character needs to be very strong in order to throw.

Throwing an object will tire the character. The heavier the object, the more tired the character will be from throwing it. There are some magical objects on the game that can be thrown without tiring the character. As the character gets tired, they will start to fight more and more slowly and eventually need to rest before they can walk from place to place.

throw <item> at <being>

The mood in which the character fights affects the emphasis that they place on attacking or defending themselves. Depending upon the mood they fight in, the character will become more or less tired in combat. If a character takes more care over defence, they will hit less often with their attacks and do less damage .. and they will tire more over the longer duration of the combat. The reason for this is obvious .. the more concentration you spend watching for blows, the less you have to place your own blows well and the more energy you expend attempting to block incoming attacks, the more tired you will become. An out and out attack will require far less energy expenditure over time, although you will probably find more damage is done to you in a short frenzied fight than a longer more careful one.

mood <moodtype>


While combat is in progress you need to check now and then how tired your character is, and if he/she is severly hurt. Additionally, you might want to know if your character is bleeding and/or has, for example, a broken limb. There are two commands to check that.


The first gives you only basic informations, which might look like this:

You are physically feeling very well and mentally in a bad shape.
You are extremely alert.

The second gives you more detailed information, and might look like this:

_______________________/ XYLLOMER \_______________________________
You are physically somewhat hurt and mentally degraded.
You are extremely weary.
You are bleeding.
You are totally fed up and you are totally soaked.
You are sober.
You are capable of carrying 81% more than your current inventory.

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